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    TiC Crossbow number crunching

    Nerfed into neigh-uselessness you mean.
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    Mac Permanent Nausea effect

    Yeah, well, when Way was working on that I suggested killing the players upon login :3. Count yourself lucky! God damn it Moon Moon Lia, god damn it.
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    Hum, when did this happen. :D

    Hum, when did this happen. :D
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    Shoop Resonant Rise [Season 2] [Ended]

    Chisel Carpenters Blocks ???? Profit!
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    Was ethanol nerfed?

    Cheers mate! Much appreciated :3.
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    Was ethanol nerfed?

    You made the ultimate biofuel sappling/tree thread? I was lookin' for it, couldn't find it.
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    Was ethanol nerfed?

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    Was ethanol nerfed?

    So it's both not fun AND useless now? Man, how far can a man go to make other people breed trees.
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    My Problem with Minecraft Recently

    TC4 research is INTENSE before you find out how it works :3 good luck with that, but it's fun when you get the hang of it. Took me something around a day to get most of the research. A few tips: Most of the stuff is much easier to make now. Make and research everything you research. You'll...
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    Mob grinder help

    Mix it up with that one block from open peripherals that can manipulate YOUR inventory(as in suck the diamonds out and stick 'em into a router)...
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    Hitler & AE Updates

    Am I getting this right? This because of a texture change? Ooookaaay.
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    Forestry Tree Effects

    I can supply the yellow brick road texture.
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    Forestry Tree Effects

    Hah, please no, but you can add a poppy-flower biome which'd give you the nausea debuff if you spend more than 10 minutes in it. With colors and stuff :D.
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    Forestry Tree Effects

    Awww, it's cute how squeamish you are, yet make a blood magic/demonology mod xD. Well, now that the cat's outta the bag, I don't see why not, hah :D.
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    Forestry Tree Effects

    You do realize I was joking, yes? :D
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    Forestry Tree Effects

    I found the Common Tick effect, it removes one heart from you until you die or swim in water. The debuf tooltip says: "You've got some little friends"
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    Squids Are OverPowered

    ... whoa
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    Fast Charging MPS powerplant ?

    Depends on your pack. Mine gets charged in my ultimate power cube almost as soon as I put it in. Setting your batteries to tier 3 IC, and charging it in an MFSU ain't too slow either.