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    Whitelist Server The Red Legion's FTB Ultimate [24/7][Whitelist][Teamspeak3]

    - I.G.N (In game name): Hugh3s - Age: 27 - Reason you want to join: To be in a fun FTB enviroment, that I can play with my friends. - Have you ever played with FTB Before?: Yes - Have you ever been banned on any other server: No - Reason (If you have been banned): - A little about yourself: I...
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    Whitelist Server New FTB Ultimate Server [1.01] [Whitelist] [Newb Friendly] - OLD SEE NEW THREAD

    Age: 27 In Game Name: Hugh3s Why you want to join the server: Looking for a Quality feed the beast server to join, where i can play and build with my friends. How long have you been playing Minecraft: 1.5 Years How long have you been playing FeedTheBeast: 6 months approx What other mod packs...
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    Whitelist Server ThunderCraft|Friendly|Bukkit|Ultimate| Dedicated |Mature|Small Community|New Map

    - In game name : Hugh3s - Age : 27 - Country | Timezone : USA EST - Do you understand and accept the rules : Yes - What are your plans on the server : I want to build amazing things, and potentially run my Let's play through it. - Will you use Teamspeak ( If you don't use it , it is alright ) ...
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    Whitelist Server The Construct Reloaded * Ultimate / Custom | Smaller Community | Dedicated | 16+ | Adult Staff

    IGN: Hugh3s Age: 27 Country: USA Have you ever been banned from a server before?: (if so how?) No Experience with mods?: I know most of the mods a fair amount some less than others Will you use TS3?: Yes Answer to the secret question?: 42 Do you know someone on our server? (if so, who?): No...
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    Whitelist Server UnholyCraft |Ultimate FTB Server.Whitelist. Nothing Banned! Mature Only. Hard mode

    Age 27 IGN Hugh3s Time Zone EST How often will you play 2-5 Hrs a day Why do you want to join; I've been looking for an FTB server that is fun, and exciting! What are you good at: Exploring What mod do you know the best: IC2 Working on others. Do you have Skype: YES!
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    Whitelist Server [Simply Feeding Dat Beast] [Ultimate] [Whitelist] [Teamspeak] Looking for 10-12 people

    I'm still trying to get on, but it fails. Still not whitelisted. :'|
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    Whitelist Server [Simply Feeding Dat Beast] [Ultimate] [Whitelist] [Teamspeak] Looking for 10-12 people

    IGN: Hugh3s Age: 27 Knowledge of FTB: I know alot, but not a ton. Why would you like to join: It would be nice to have a small group of people to play FTB with. Any cool builds(optional): I made an Awesome House, with the wood and stuff from forestry, and tower blocks from Twilight forest...
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    Whitelist Server VC Unleahsed FTB Server [No Plugin][Asia][Whitelist][Mature][PVE]

    IGN: Hugh3s Age: 27 Where do you live? USA Something about yourself? I love designing things. And Writing Experiences with the Minecraft? Been playing since 1.8 and love FTB mod. Why do you want to join the server? FTB ultimate pack is amazing but i've been playing with my friends only. I really...