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    My cousins are both on youtube on the other computers here, so i can't actually play, it's too...

    My cousins are both on youtube on the other computers here, so i can't actually play, it's too much lag if i even get past login xD They're leaving tomorrow, so i'll be able to play more. Maybe i can enter later today, but for now i'll just play my sp world.
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    Whitelist Server [24/7] SMP.SO || FTB v8 MINDCRACK || WHITELIST || 4 GB || Small Community

    In game name: SirOsirian Age: 16 I'll send my facebook link via pm if you want. Country: Brazil How active are you: Everyday at least 4 or 5 hours. Got a microphone: Yes. Have you been banned somewhere in the last 6 months (Explain why if you were): Nope. Do you plan to use voice chat when we...
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    World of Mods (whitelisted server) (Direwolf20's mod pack)

    IGN: SirOsirian Age: 16 Mod experience: All the basic aspects of them, direwolf season 4 and smp season 3 videos, and some advanced aspects on general. Activeness: Everyday i try to play at least 6 hours. Why we should want you on the server: I can help, i wanna learn, i'm a nice guy, i wanna...
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    1.4.6[MineCrack] RippleCraft [Whitelist][Nolag][Teamspeak][NewMap]

    1. Age: 16 tomorrow 2. IGN: SirOsirian 3. How long have you been playing FTB Pack: Since it launched 4. What do you plan to do on the sever: Mine, build, help people, get helped. 5. Have you ever owned or been a staff on a server: I run a server for me and my friends sometimes. 6. Must Register...
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    The Lost Colony |Mindcrack|Whitelisted|24/7 Uptime|Small Community|

    Name: Tiago Age: 16 tomorrow MC Username: SirOsirian History with FTB: Singleplayer and small server with friends but they don't want to play minecraft anymore. Also watched videos and streams. Why should you be whitelisted: Because i wanna play in a server to have fun and i can help people with...
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    NewCraft|White listed|Dw20 modpack|

    MC Username: SirOsirian Age: 16 tomorrow Any knowledge of the mods in this pack, if yes which ones: basic knowledge on most of them and some advanced on redpower/ic2 Are you mature: Yes. Have you ever been ban before, if so for what: No. Do you understand the rules: Yes What do you Plan to do...
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    The Mistery of the Loaded Chunks

    I think the ender chests keep them loaded.
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    Updating Server

    I think all the mods are now universal (work for both client and server), so you just need the server.jar for the specific version (1.4.5/1.4.6) with forge installed and then just copy paste mods/configs/etc. Plus, you can get the server modpack just as easy as the client (singleplayer) one...
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    Will there be a beta pack released after all the world gen mods are done?

    If you can't wait like me, just download the world gen/already updated mods and make your own pack with MultiMC, and copy over some config files from 1.4.5/1.4.2 packs to prevent crashes and stuff.
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    Feed the City [Ultimate Pack][1.4.6][Whitelist][Survival][Filmed]

    1. SirOsirian, City Planner/Grunt. 2. Haven't done such job yet, can't provide anything. 3. Hm.. Maybe a factory inside a Mario's shroom room. :D