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    Whitelist Server Chill the Beast: Direwolf20 1.7.10 Modpack Server, All Mods/Items

    IGN: GrafTolayn Age: 17 How long you've played Minecraft/Past Experience: Vanilla with 1.2.5, FTB with 1.4.7. Type of Minecraft player you are: I try as much as possible to automate all. How long you plan on staying: A long time probably. Skype(Optional): tolayn.petrov
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    Open Server The Meca Network - 1.0.25 - 1.6.4 - [England][BOP Enabled][Economy][MyTown & Jobs][TS3][200 Slots]

    Why wrote on his website server is enabled and 2 people online, and the game server is down (can't reach server).
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    Open Server ⧫⧫‖ [Essence] ‖⧫⧫ | DireWolf20 v1.0.8 1.6.4 | 10 Backend Servers | 32-GB 24/7 | Anarchy | No Banned

    Flew with a crash after installing the comparator. More I can not go.
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    Windows .exe FTB Direwolf20 starts and immediately closes

    Thank you very much! Complete removal and installation of the FTB helped!
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    Windows .exe FTB Direwolf20 starts and immediately closes

    Operating System and bit type: Windows 8, 64bit Java version/update and bit type: 7u45, 64 bit Launcher version: v1.3.2 Description of the Issue: First try at Horizons. Click launch, the console starts moving, a window for Minecraft appears for a brief second and it CTDs. I have no extra mods...
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    Open Server MysticCraft FTB! [Ultimate 1.1.2 - Raiding - KeepInv - Towny - No MystCraft Corruption - GTEASYMODE]

    I can't login since yesterday, I always get "Internal Server Error". The last time I went was in the world Mystcraft.