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    Whitelist Server OTE Gamers - Unleashed 1.1.7 | Whitelist | TS3 | MyTown | Econ | MultiGaming Community - Est. 2006

    In-Game Name:SoraXRoxas1 What are you looking for in the server?Just a good time with a friend( and a considered brother) and no A-Holes How long have you been playing Minecraft?Since Beta 1.7.3 What experience do you have with FTB?Owned Private Servers, and Generally Have Fun Have you ever been...
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    Whitelist Server The-Construct | Mature 16+ | v8.0.1+ | Logistic Pipes | TS3 | 20 TPS | 12GB | Protections/Anti-Grief

    IGN:SoraXRoxas1 Age:17 Country:USA Have you ever been banned from a server before?: Yes, Because i was lied to and got banned for soemthing i was told to do by an admin Experience with mods?:Yes Will you use TS3?:Yes Answer to the secret question?:Purple Do you know someone on our server? (if...