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    World loading problem

    I tried using NBTEDIT to change my coords as you said and i keep crashing on load would you like me to upload my crash report?
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    World loading problem

    When i was playing FTB (MINDCRACK) i flew into a redwood forest and landed to gather some wood but i took a massive fps drop and crashed twice in the same spot, now every time i try to open my world i just crash and get this Minecraft has crashed! ----------------------...
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    Whitelist Server Nuclear Alliance [FTB Ultimate] [Whitelist] [Survival] [Essentials]

    IGN: JustCre8te Age: 15 Whitelist link: Why do you want to join the server: I want to play on a good FTB server and meet some people Also i have experience with FTB Will you be active: yes around 5-6 hours a day maybe...
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    FTB Mindrack MP problem

    Whenever i join the server that i would regularly play on i cant place or destroy any blocks, I was laying out a place for a filler and the other guy on the server said when i join it caused everything to stop.. then he said its my chunk? i get this when I crash: minecraft...
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    BashCake's MineCrack Server! [No-whitelist!] [Dedicated 24/7] [NoLag 125 Slots] [Community]

    The server hasnt been updated yet so we all have to use V6 mindcrack to do this load the Launcher then click Mindcrack pack then advanced then version and v6
  6. J

    Multiplayer help

    I was trying to join the server i play on alot and this came up The server is running Mindrack FTB and im sure ive tried updating everything and nothing works
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    BashCake's MineCrack Server! [No-whitelist!] [Dedicated 24/7] [NoLag 125 Slots] [Community]

    IGN: JustCre8te Age: 15 Reason: i have alot of fun playing the mod pack and especially on this server before the whitelist as there are alot of cool guys that are easy to get along with