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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast dw20 1.0.1 whitelisted small community(1.7.10)Nothing banned,fast response

    IGN herogama AGE 18 WHERE YOUR FROM United States HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED No WHY SHOULD WE WHITE LIST YOU: I like to play ftb and i enjoy to play it with a community server and i can make friends with others.
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    Casual Server FTB Direwolf20+ (Small community)

    Age:17 Username:herogama Reason you want to join:I am looking for a small, friendly community server like hermitcraft or mindcrack. :D Skype account name(or pm me your skype if you would like to keep it off the forums): I will pm you.
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    Private Pack Trec Ultimate | 1.6.4 | DirewolfBased | Mature Staff | No World Resets | 1 Year Uptime | True 32GB

    Nice server with no lag and friendly people :D Hope to see you guys there.
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    The.Factory |FTB Beta Pack A|Whitelist| PvE, Small, No Grief, Friendly,

    GN:herogama Have you read and accept to obey the rules?:yes Have you been banned before?:no IF so, why and how many times?:no Why should you be whitelisted?:Because I am a friendly helpful player.
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    ShiftedPlay FTB [FTB Pack A, 1.4.2] [White List] [Survival]

    IGN:herogama 16+ Age?:Y Agree to the rules?:Y
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    TripleNation |FTB 1.0.1 pack A|White list|

    IGN: herogama 16+ Age?: Yes, I am 16 years old. Agree to the rules?: Yes A bit of info about you.: I really like FTB because I like to make some automatic machine and this server seems cool. I like to build and playing with others.