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    Whitelist Server TheJourneymon network |whitelist|FTB ultimate|plugins|

    Awesome_kid1230 (Yes the name is cheesy but that doesn't prove my age.) 15 Yes.
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    Open Server | Feed the Beast [Bukkit] [No Lag] [Direwolf20 v5]

    Nice server, I'm looking forward to join it.
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    Open Server FTBHeroes|MindCrack v7|Open|Best Staff!|Ultimate FTB Fun!|Safe!

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    Open Server | Ultimated-Crafting | FTB Ultimate | 20 Slots | No lag

    Hey what is the servers version? I tried logging in with the latest Mindcrack but it told me i needed a few mods.
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    Whitelist Server Aspire/Direwolf20 pack/ Whitelisted! 40 slots! (no lag)

    Minecraft name? awesome_kid1230 Age? 13 Why you wish to join our server, and what you can contribute? I want to join because i love no-griefing servers and no hacking ones. I also want to join because i've been finding (trying) to find a server just like this, and this is perfect! I also...
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    Whitelist Server Debaubau's FTB Server|FTB Mindcrack|Whitelisted|Mature

    Hey my name is awesome_kid1230 and i've been playing FTB for a few months, i have a lot of experience with the modpack. I mostly focus on mods like IC2 and BC2 sometimes EE3. I've been playing Minecraft since 1.8, i also have alot of experience as well. I live in Utah, USA. I am 15 years old. My...
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    BashCake's MineCrack Server! [No-whitelist!] [Dedicated 24/7] [NoLag 125 Slots] [Community]

    Whats up with the mod things, its saying i cant join because of mods that i have not installed. Help anyone?
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    Hey what modpack do we use for your server..?

    Hey what modpack do we use for your server..?
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    BashCake's MineCrack Server! [No-whitelist!] [Dedicated 24/7] [NoLag 125 Slots] [Community]

    Hey is the server whitelisted now? I couldn't join because it told me i wasn't Whitelisted. ???IGN: awesome_kid1230 Age: 13 I've played for a long time on this server, i love it.