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    Extra modifiers in 1.10

    Your version of balance and other's version of balance may differ. Remember the reason RF exists? Because the BC team didn't think storing MJ was balanced, and KL did. (Well, plus other reasons like server efficiency but..) Also, it has 800k downloads.
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    Now that AE2 has a 1.10 release, do people prefer it or Refined Storage?

    There is NO need to be so hostile. Not everyone has an easy time in the Nether. Plus there's tons of mods that make the Nether much harder.
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    Who knows how to spell OpenComputers

    I know there's a way, it's just been so long since I've actively used OC. (Or... a few weeks in general for Minecraft) I apologize for not being able to help. I'd recommend the OC forums, or whatever place Sangar frequents.
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    SkyFactory 3 Extra Utilities crusher "Grid is Overloaded"

    Use any of the ExtraUtils power "mills" to generate Grid Points, which is the 0 in 2/0.
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    What's your favorite pre-alfheim generating flower for botania?

    I've been using that TNT flower for a while. The munchdew is a favorite of mine as well.
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    TiCon2 Bows and Xbows: the new deal

    A huge range nerf and the improved draw mechanic? On top of shifting from modifier focus to material focus? I agree crossbows overshadowed everything in 1.7, but that's a very heavy handed change. Those numbers will definitely need to change, but... yikes.
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    Now that AE2 has a 1.10 release, do people prefer it or Refined Storage?

    And then he provided an in-mod way to cover EVERY small piece.
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    Farming in 1.10.2

    I've been away from home, so I've been unable to update my server. However, if that's true, I'm very disappointed. I'll probably just end up ore-dict-ing it myself, but I don't really want to install Minetweaker (or whatever) for 1 thing.
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    Farming in 1.10.2

    Well, I know what Im installing.
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    Now that AE2 has a 1.10 release, do people prefer it or Refined Storage?

    I'm enjoying RS way better then AE2, and I actually enjoyed the channels from AE2. No having to find meteors, no stupid crystal crafting, built in fluid storage. I do have issues with it's crafting system, but it's relatively new, and the kinks should iron out soon.
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    Farming in 1.10.2

    Ugh, reminds me of that thread of Reddit yesterday, complaining about this mob-less mob spawner/killer. Like yeah, multiple machines is cool and all, but being light weight and server friendly is king (a sentiment I believe Shneekey and I share). Although that's how my new world is set up...
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    JaRyCu Plays FTB Presents Direwolf20 for 1.10.2!

    I literally just got done automating my kek-flowers. It's interesting to see a pure Botania set up.
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    Farming in 1.10.2

    I'm currently using Progressive Automation, simply because there's nothing else out there. I'm actually using the planter and the killer, and I'm thoroughly unimpressed with both. The sword seems to take a TON of durability per hit, and the farm is just... lackluster and farming for upgrades...
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    Starting Over - Which Version/Why?

    I recently came back to Minecraft, and after a brief stint on the FTB Insanity map, I've settled on a 1.10.2 skyblock. I'm enjoying PSI and chisel and bits, and it runs decently on my potato of a laptop (~30 FPS, on lowest. My desktop being destroyed was what prompted my exit from Minecraft) I...
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    Well after all their talk about how they'll never include a power API, it is interesting that they are going that route. Now mod authors will be bitched at repeatedly for not using the "official" power API, just like they did about RF. (See Reika) It's also not that interesting of a power API...
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    Ruins prefab structures

    I was using uh, Recurrent Complex, I think, for this in 1.7, and pondered the same thing. It's definitely a great idea to get a bunch together. It could possibly have me load up a pack instead of playing Rimworld/Overwatch.
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    Customizing Mod Interactions

    Literally exactly what I thought. If you don't want to go the MT route, you can always do what I did pre-MT. Code a small mod, adding/removing recipes.
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    The last released version was released April of 2015. So.... However, I believe someone is doing an unofficial (or maybe official???) port of it. I seen it on Reddit, I believe.
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    NuclearCraft - A Modern Physics Mod

    You know, I was going to update my SP world to 1.9.4 but you convinced me otherwise. Curse you =P
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    MC 1.10 released?

    That's how software versions is labeled. MajorVersion.MinorVersion is the way Mojang is doing theirs. I do agree that it shouldn't be so prominent, since most of it's users have no experience with that. Most of the time, software updates, it shows a changelog and build number, but it's never...