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    [1.7.10] TolkienCraft II - Adventure Awaits! - v2.9.5[QUESTS][ADVENTURE][NORMAL MODE]

    Hi! Is there a plan that ars magica 2 being updated to 1.7.10_AM2- ?
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    [Listed] 1.7.10 - Simply Magic [HQM][Magic][Light][Tutorial-Themed]

    CyanosLootableBodies can't fit a lot of situations like die in lava lake , meet Hungry nodes when you're on your boat! -_-! And Ars Magica's armor will disappear too. That all happened to me before. I finally change to 'guardian chests mod' or simply use 'keep inventory mod'. 2 bad days!
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    [Listed] 1.7.10 - Simply Magic [HQM][Magic][Light][Tutorial-Themed]

    I suggest adding ttcore mod, which adds some comfortable tricks, like right click harvest without break the seeds, added auto-smelt enchantment which is a good way to enchant with Terra shatterer, if it go with fortune 3, haha... you know that! tinkers smite luck hammer! etc.
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    FTB Departed Discussion

    I can't agree of your opinion more, after i play a little bit aoa it self with no mod... AOA IS, a whole game, with weapons like magic\guns\bows and has its enchant system, the rpg level progressing, all. It only lack of something like dead body management, backpack, portal, storage system...
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    [1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

    Hi, Is there any chance that you will add the two mods in it? I really like them Fossils and Archeology Revival and JurassiCraft