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    Problem Please delete my account

    Couldn't find anywhere on the website to delete my account, so i figured i would try it in here. Please delete my account, thanks.
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    IGN?: Urgie_ How old are you?: Turning 18 the 20. August! How long have you been playing feed the beast?: Played since it came out, but has been on and off, so I'm not a pro at the late game things, never got there. Would you say your best attribute is Technical Knowledge, Mining, Creativity...
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    Whitelist Server |Deltro-Ultimate|120 Slots|Dedicated 24/7|Grief prevention|mature 15+|

    Brunty we love you ! Will you find out what crashed and fix it? :)
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    Whitelist Server |Deltro-Ultimate|120 Slots|Dedicated 24/7|Grief prevention|mature 15+|

    age (15+): 17 Experience with ftb/mods: played FTB since it came out, also played some tekkit before that so im well familiar with the mods :) Are you able to skype/teamspeak if so what is your skype?: I don't have a microphone :( What is your best skill in FTB(mining, tech, building, etc): I'd...
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    Whitelist Server Icewynd FTB|Ultimate 1.0.1|Whitelist|Small Server

    IGN: Urgie_ Age: 17 Country: Norway How long have you been playing modded Minecraft? About a year now. What's your favorite way to generate power in FTB? Geothermal early to get things started, then i go usually go for biogass. How do you deal with people trolling or pranking? Pranking i dont...
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    Whitelist Server Triple Nation | MindCrack | Whitelist | 16+ | TS3 | Plugins | Dedicated Server

    In Game Name: urgie_ Age: 17 New to mods: I know some of the mods. About yourself: I'm from Norway. Have played on another server, but it crashed, so instead starting fresh on it I decided to find a new one, hopefully this server that doesn't crash :)
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    [1.4.6] TMCraft PvE Community Server[WL][Mindcrack]

    Minecraft Name: urgie_ Age&Location: 17 from Norway Have you ever been banned from a server: No, never been banned. Why would you like to play TMCraft: I have played Singleplayer a long time now, and it's starting to get boring. So I would like to play on a server with other people.