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    Whitelist Server Aussie Infinity Server 1.3.1| extra mods |Small community Fresh Map 20/3

    IGN: Amadara AGE: 29 LOCATION: Singapore FAV MODS: Blood Magic, Thaumcraft, Draconic FTB SKILL LEVEL: Average and still learning WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT YOU>?: I'm lookin for a stable/lag free small community, since this server is in Aussie.. hopefully it's lag free for me :D
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    Whitelist Server Infinity Casual Server | Youtube Recording| Teamspeak| PVE

    MC name: Amadara Age: 29 What is your modded MC experience: Since FTB Ultimate What makes you want to join us: PVE community Why should I pick you and not some hobo off the street: Hobo will ruin your server, i won't :) Do you have a sense of humor: Yes Are you sure????: Very Are you okay with...
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    Whitelist Server Infiniterra-Infinity-1.3.4-Friendly-No Banned items-Dedicated 24/7-NoPvP

    IGN: Amadara Age: 29 Location: Singapore Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Since FTB Ultimate Motivation to join: Cool server spawn, love to try in this mature server.
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    Whitelist Server FTB Lah! A Singapore Based FTB Server. [Infinity 1.4.1]

    let me know if u going back to previous version, if not never mind.
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    Whitelist Server FTB Lah! A Singapore Based FTB Server. [Infinity 1.4.1]

    @IamFeeK what mod do i have to upgrade?
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    Whitelist Server Jemands Infinity Server 1.4.1| Mature & Friendly Community | No lag, 6 GB Ram! | Only a few rules :)

    Name: Amanda IGN: Amadara Age: 29 From: Singapore Why: I would like to join a Mature & Friendly Community Skype: Will PM if needed
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    Whitelist Server FTB Lah! A Singapore Based FTB Server. [Infinity 1.4.1]

    Amadara Singapore 10 Just come back to play FTB not long ago
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    Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.1: Mature - No banned items - Extra Mods - Small Community - Fresh world

    I know you are closing down the application, please take a last consideration. Thank you. IGN: Amadara Age: 29 Skype (Required)(Can be messaged to me if wanted): hydeist- Skills/Experience in Vanilla Minecraft: Since Alpha, Building and Design. Have be a Mod/Builder before Skills/Experience in...
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    IGN: Amadara Age: 29 Location: Singapore How long have you been playing Minecraft: Alpha What keeps you playing Minecraft?: Addictive and much more to explore now in FTB
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    Whitelist Server New Zealand based Infinity Server [1.2.1]

    IGN: Amadara Age: 29 Country: Singapore
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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Infinity|1.10.1|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|UK

    Forum Name: Amadara Minecraft name:Amadara Age: 29 Country: Singapore How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? 3 Years What do you like about modded minecraft?: More stuff to explore Have you been banned? If so, why?: No What can you bring to the community?: Building Ideas, Designs.
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    Whitelist Server Australian Infinity 1.2.1 | Fresh | 24/7 | Casual Community | No banned items | Apply today!

    IGN: Amadara Age: 29 Location: Singapore Do you have any experience with modded MC?: FTB Ultimate, Direwolf20 Any questions? (optional): Version upgrading?
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    Whitelist Server Infinity 1.7 Australian Hosted 27/7 Server

    IGN: Amadara Age: 29 Looking for a good, new FTB Infinity server, been playing Minecraft since Alpha.
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    Open Server Underground Lounge FTB | Monster 1.0.9 | PvE | Plugins | New World | Active Community

    IGN: Amadara Age: 28 Able to follow the rules? Yes Something about yourself? I'm a Minecraft addict, currently working a IT Executive. I have been looking for a good Minecraft FTB server for sometime. Experiences with the FTB? FTB Ultimate Why do you want to join the server? FTB is...
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    can i get a whitelist? :D

    can i get a whitelist? :D