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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    I opened up the Chime public beta last weekend, went mostly unnoticed. Hoping for some more notice this weekend :) You can get the beta here: Gif showing what the mod can do:
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Hey guys, I've created a new mod that I've been calling "Chime" and I'd like to hear some opinions on it. I'm almost ready for a beta-testing run, just trying to get some issues solved with the backend. I'll give you a few gifs, in chronological order of development, to look at and then explain...
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    Windows .exe Java 6 & 7 (Fixed)

    This may sound stupid to you but after reinstalling windows, did you find and install all your correct drivers for your machine? Windows 7's install process isn't perfect for finding drivers, but it often works well enough to make a person think they don't need to find them (when they might...
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    Detected leaking worlds in memory.

    -Xms512m You shouldn't have to do this, the launcher automatically adds the -Xms256m parameter which is quite sufficient for an initial heap size. I do agree with using these though: -XX:PermSize -XX:MaxPermSize
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    New Avi!

    New Avi!
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    FTB ForgeBukkit problems.

    I'd say head over to the ForgeBukkit support. You're much more likely to get support from them than anyone here for this error.
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    Problem RedPower server crash, can't restart

    They probably put forestry things tree breeding things into the pipes. I'd recommend using MCEdit and deleting the affected blocks.
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    Problem FTB Launcher Shortcut+Use With Gamebooster

    A batch file is just a text file with a runnable extension. To make one you'd just open Notepad, type in the "java -jar YOURLAUNCHERFILE.jar" and then Save As... , change the save as filetype to All Types (*.*) , then save it as anythingyouwant.bat , in the same location as your launcher jar...
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    How do you start your server?

    -.- So you type it out on the forum, but you can't be bothered to press Win -> cmd -> enter then type what you just put on the forum? Makes logic sense no? Slightly off-topic again: Sugarcane farms are where its at!!!
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    How do you start your server?

    Haha, y u no set java 7 to has environment variable?!?!
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    Problem FTB Launcher Shortcut+Use With Gamebooster

    Create a shortcut pointing to a batch file with the following java -jar LAUNCHERFILE.jar That batch file should be in the same directory as your launcher jarfile, and remember to change LAUNCHERFILE.jar to whatever your jar file is named.
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    How do you start your server?

    java -Xms2G -Xmx8G -jar ftbserver.jar nogui :)
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    Mindcrack Pack Server Ram

    Put the following into a batch file, and put the batch file into your server directory. java -Xms512M -Xmx1G -jar ftbserver.jar nogui PAUSE Quick breakdown of whats in the command: "java" - calls upon the java installation (duh) "-Xms512M" - specifies the minimum heap size (512MB of RAM)...
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    Unix backed up saves?(newb)

    The launcher never backs up your saves, you are supposed to manually do backups if you are concerned about world corruption. The launcher only backs up configs on major updates.
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    Well, TukMC is updated - Thinking of re-releasing tomorrow. Anyone in for champagne and crackers?

    Well, TukMC is updated - Thinking of re-releasing tomorrow. Anyone in for champagne and crackers?
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    Direwolf20 Server

    Use MCEdit, open up the dimension and blanket select the area you believe it to be in, then go into the Fill/Replace menu, click Replace and type in the Chunkloader ID in the item to be replaced slot, and put air in the other slot.
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    Solved Friends can't join server

    Yep, get him to try the following. -Press and hold the windows key, then press the R key, then release (i.e. press Win + R). This causes the Run dialog to appear (bottom left). -Copy and paste the following command into the Run dialog: setx _JAVA_OPTIONS - Press...
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    Ars Magica & Direwolf 20 Install Help.

    I believe its a conflict, similar to the way that EE2 and Gravisuite conflict, because EE2 overrides the default creative fly mode with its Swiftwolf. The only way to fix that issue would be to nag the creator of Gravisuite to make his own fly class, which may eventually trickle down into the...
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    Problem ForgeEssentials Permissions

    Have you tried this? /p group members deny ForgeEssentials.BasicCommands.spawn Also, some reading material - if you haven't got around to it already.
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    Problem updating server, [severe] world leak, bukkit plugins stopped working?

    I'm not too sure about the memory leak issue, but if bukkit plugins aren't loading anymore, its because you haven't reinstalled bukkitforge. If you want bukkit plugins to be able to run, you'll have to install it.