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  1. thanos98

    How to update FTB PRESENTS DIREWOLF20 1.18 server ????

    How to update the server for FTB PRESENTS DIREWOLF20 1.18 from version 1.0.0 to 1.2.0 without losing the world progress ??? I use Pterodactyl Panel, so the game is running inside Docker containers and I copy files from new container to new and then inside there run the installation script but...
  2. thanos98

    Problem The server isn't working on my Ubuntu 20.04 server.

    The problem I think is that you run the server with ./ not ./
  3. thanos98

    Server update

    Did you find anything because I am currently in the same situation in want to update the server but every time the world regenerates. I want to keep the progress.