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    Whitelist Server [NoodlePowered][FTB Ultimate][Whitelist][Growing Community][Dedicated Machine 24/7][Mature]

    1) W3rz4x 2) nope, only on pvp/fun servers and when rules allowed it 3) just in my own server/client for testing purposes 4) GMT +1 (Spain/Europe) 5) Near 5-6 hours a day or more...deppends on work, free time and such other things 6) Well, it's difficult to trust an unkown...but well i will...
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    Whitelist Server Casual Miners | Ultimate 1.1.2 | Whitelisted | Mature EU players | Fresh start

    - IGN: w3rz4x - Age: 26 - Location: Spain - Minecraft, Tekkit & FTB experience: Nearly from alpha version and i have exp on many servers (and with mods ofc) - Why are you interested: It's an european oriented server - What do you consider yourself good at: building huge machines / fabrics - Do...
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    Whitelist Server ELite Craft FTB Ultimate Whitelisted 24/7

    - IGN: W3rz4x - Age: 27 - Location: Spain - Minecraft, FTB experience: Have played minecraft since alpha state, next moved to Dire mods and now with FTB - Why are you interested: Looking for a good server and good community - What you consider yourself good at: huge and complex machines - If...
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    Free Rein FTB [Whitelist] [10 slots] [24/7] [18+]

    IGN: W3rx4x Age: 26 General Location: Spain GMT +1 Do you accept the rules: Yes username: W3rz4x
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    HomieCraft [NO LAG] [whitelist] No Greifing/raiding [MindCrack-FTB]

    1) W3rz4x 2) 26 3) GMT+1 4) Couple hours a day 5) Sure i won't 6) Also i won't 7) Im not a lier xD 8) I have an age to dont do that 9) You have my word
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    Whitelist Server =[KabooseCraft]= || Direwolf20 pack || Whitelist || 14 slot || Norway || CLOSED

    IGN: W3rz4x Age: 26 Reason for Joining: European Server with small community? love it! Have you been banned: Never Additional Info you can put(Optional): Spanish, was an admin server on the past (bukkit and coding experience), many knowledge in all of the mods
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    MineMadness | [Direwolf20][1.4.6][Dedicated]| Whitelisted | Full Survival |English and French|Mature

    Your Age: 26 Your experience with the modpack: I played many modpacks and now come with this one as it feets and works perfect to me. have it since release so i have experience in almost every mod it includes :p For how long have you been playing minecraft in general: since i discovered...