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    Whitelist Server Praseocraft | Resurrection | Whitelist (Application)

    We've actually decided to launch the server early! If you haven't applied already, do so now! (Also, to Grippp747, I can't find you on Steam. Please PM me.)
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    Whitelist Server Praseocraft | Resurrection | Whitelist (Application)

    Praseocraft Resurrection Hi. We're a small group of players that have been playing together for several years, and have figured that we want to expand our reach a little. We would like to gain some members for our Resurrection server. Our Minecraft server's address is
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    Treyzania's FTB Let's Play - SMP 1.4.7 (Mindcrack-esque) - IRC channel!

    Treyzania's Let's Plays On SMP! I am going to use a variation (compiled by me) of the Mindcrack Server pack. I repeat, a VARIATION. I am doing this on a server hosted by myself using a absolutely-private pack. I will possibly select viewers to come on the server as guests, or possibly as a...