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    Unidentifiable error

    Title: Unidentifiable error Launcher Version: 1.4.7 Modpack: Direwolf20 Modpack Version: 1.3.1 Log Link: Details of the issue: I can't tell what the issue is, actually... 64x Java
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    FTB - Curse Update

    That would be incredibly dumb and (Mostly against Mojangs guidelines if I am not mistaken) so, I am guessing Nope. I am talking about texturepacks, not the cloudbackup by the way..
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    [Tutorial] How to install shaders

    Cough, where would I find that out? (I swear, normally I am not this derpy, but this once..)
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    [Tutorial] How to install shaders

    Hey, I have a question, if I put my PC specs here, could you evaluate it? I am not good at reading/telling how good it is... GeForce GTX 770M Intel Core i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 16BG Ram
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    [Tutorial] How to install shaders

    Someone willing to listen. EDIT: I Fixed the problem myself.
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    [Tutorial] How to install shaders

    Invalid program composite?
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    Windows .exe Cannot launch new direwolf pack

    I think it is working now...
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    Windows .exe Cannot launch new direwolf pack

    I just saw that on another post :) Did not know the issue was with that pack specifically, sorry! :/ Edit: I should have just edited the main post shouldn't I...
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    Windows .exe Cannot launch new direwolf pack

    I think I know the problem, it does not download correctly, its not the java, it is the folder. It never creates a /minecraft therefor java cannot run.
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    Windows .exe Cannot launch new direwolf pack

    It was a simple crashlog, it worked before. Need more info? Just ask. I know it can't find java, how do I fix this? It worked before. EDIT: It worked before, but I notice the crashlog says program files, now the fact that I have a Norwegian system changes this, but it worked before, and there...
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    Sphax Request

    Oh, I think I know your problem, most people who distribute the pack are not allowed to distribute the base pack, go to and press the download button, get the appropriate size and version pack then combine the two zip files. In the case this is not your problem, remain calm, and...
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    Problem [Ultimate 1.1.7] New problem when updated

    EDIT: Strange new problem arose when I updated my server to Unleashed 1.1.7 Server Log: Any help? Need more info?
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    Logged out of server, now crashes on login

    Direwolf 20 1.1.4 FTB Launcher Log Minecraft Crash Log I logged out, updated a texturepack now when I login I crash! Yes. i have tried wihtout any texturepack and different texturepacks. Help? Here is what the server says: 16:03:59...
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    Plans for the Forgecraft2 dire home?

    I am looking for the size of the wole thing really, also induidual room sizes. All I am saying is, it looks cool...
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    Plans for the Forgecraft2 dire home?

    His new void age home, those rooms doesnt look like 9x9
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    Plans for the Forgecraft2 dire home?

    I really like the way it looks and I need some inspiration, does anyone know or have pictures of the plans?
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    Texture Pack Resizer

    It would make the textures look horrible, either way. Shrunk or stretched.
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    When & How to Use the Report Button

    Could I send a PM to a mod then? To thank them?
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    DireWolf 20 1.5 Soartex Fanver

    Do not redistribute Optifine! That is a rule! The mod OptiFine is Copyright © 2013 by sp614x and the intellectual property of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form. It may not...