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    Can't get FTB to start up

    Hey I always tell people a good start to look at is, uninstalling all old javas, then installing latest 32 and 64 bit. ANd just set the launcher to 4gb of ram and give it a try :)
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    NEI/JeI Freezing problems that causes a crash.

    So I have shadow service if you do not know what it is google it. Thats my hardware Anyways so this is not a full crash thats the problem so I can not get a crash log. Anyways on any modpack I play im having a issue where if I type "work" or "thaum" The entire game will freeze and what will...
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    Infinity Evolved, Millions Of Items Streams!

    Ya ya a lot of people know who I am from my tutorials, I been streaming to youtube and twitch a lot. So if you wanna stop by and see the mayhem like 64 max size turbines come on over :>P
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    Microphone volume too low when recording that is my discord link get on and Ill help you. I do not feel like typing out what I did to fix my mic setup.
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    Where is the dimlet mob drop config??

    I did find this with tons of this in the config. # mobspawns #--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Settings for the mob dimlets...
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    Where is the dimlet mob drop config??

    Hey everyone does anyone know the exact config for RF dimlet drops from mobs? I found the one for chest but I can not find the dimlet drop rate from mobs. If anyone has this answer can you tell me the exact config name, and exactly what to change. Thanks everyone!!
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    How did this person make this node with bees???

    you my friend just became a best friend lol. Thank you so much for explaining this :)
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    How did this person make this node with bees???

    All I am gonna say is its time to learn bees!!! Thank you so much for real, do I have to find each bee or can I breed them? Cause if I am correct there is no book for bees?
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    How did this person make this node with bees???

    Basically someone showed me this node said it came from just bees. I know nothing about bees, and I know some stuff here and there about thaumcraft. Also he would not tell me anything at all not even a clue how it was done. He just said no to every idea how it may have been done. I am trying...
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    Backup questions

    ya I thought about something like that after I turned my server off. Thanks it is probably that :) Have a good one guys!
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    Backup questions

    Thanks everyone it worked, it does it every 30 minutes now. Only down fall is I tried every combination of backup commands I could think of and none worked to do it manually.
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    Backup questions

    ya it says the backup_timer is 2.0 im guessing thats 2 hours I am gonna put it to .5
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    Backup questions

    Ah thank you do you know the command to make it happen? I need it so I can backup every 15 minutes or so :)
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    Backup questions

    Title: Backup questions Launcher Version: Modpack: infinity expert Modpack Version: reccomened Log Link: Details of the issue: Just out of curiosity, since i can not find aroma back up and anytime I try to put it in my mod pack on my server I get some funky crashes. What is doing the backups...
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    Infinity times out every 3-5 minutes

    Hey man I did not read your log, but I had this happen the other day after I used optfine. Then I removed it and it fixed it. Maybe if you have optifine that is causing it as well.
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    FTB eating up all of my memory

    Are you using a server as well? Put 2-4gb just to the client. then 2gb to the Server. Then that could leave you with 2 - 4gb to windows. I know windows 7 uses 1.75 - 2gb of ram at all times usually. Hope that helps
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    Terrible FPS, not a render issue?

    Put your chunk loading distance to 6 or 8 and put your FPS to exactly 30 or all the way down to v sync :) welcome
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    Problem with launcher

    I see what everyone is saying, I also see I miss read something. I thought the 1.4.7 FTB servers were removed, so I though it was just a typo that is why I linked the video. Its really all a big misunderstanding :) Jikuja I am sorry for miss reading, you where right. And I am a big enough man to...
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    FTB Infinity not starting old world or new one.

    because it has the corrupted chunks :P
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    FTB Infinity not starting old world or new one.

    If this was on a server I hate to tell ya the world is corrupt. Unless you have backups, also if it was on a single player world just restart the world im sorry. You could probably load your currently world into mc edit and move yourself to a different chunk. But the best bet is to use a back up...