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    Whitelist Server The Beast Unleashed [TPPI 0.3.0 | MyTown | Dedicated Server | Dynmap | Greylist | Friendly]

    1) Minecraft username stankfinger92 2) Why do you want to play on our server? (One paragraph) Well I've been away from FTB for a while due to getting a new job and I recently moved into an apartment but now I've got things settled I would like to find a new server to play on. So after doing a...
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    Whitelist Server Kosmos FTB | PvP - PvE | 1GB RAM | 10 Slots | Strict Rules | v5.0.1

    Name: Logan Edward Ferrell Age: 20 In Game Name: Stankfinger92 Why do you want to join the server: I've seen quite a bit of servers on the forums now and I do notice the lack of whitelist or a such a simple whitelist that just about any one can join. Upon noticing your required information I...
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    Whitelist Server =[KabooseCraft]= || Direwolf20 pack || Whitelist || 14 slot || Norway || CLOSED

    IGN: Stankfinger92 Age: 20 Reason for Joining: Trying to find a small friendly group for a FTB server after having zero luck in the new Tekkit. Have you been banned: Never that I am aware of Reason for ban(If u were banned that is): N/a Additional Info you can put(Optional): I've played a lot of...