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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Infinity|1.10.1|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|UK

    Forum Name: frogger35 Minecraft name: frogger35 Age: 18 Country: USA How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? Years and years and years its been a long time(3-4 ish i think :P) What do you like about modded minecraft?: i love that it's one of the reasons minecraft is the best...
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    Private Pack J.A.M. Server | J.A.M. (Early Beta) | Whitelist | 1.7.10

    IGN: frogger35 What interests you about modded Minecraft?: All the crazy inventions you can make, the slightly OPness of the packs, the ability to have endless fun constantly creating things you cannot make in vanilla How long have you been playing Minecraft?: for about 2-3 years or more. Any...
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    Whitelist Server LightCraft|Unstable 1.0.8|Whitelist

    Any updates on what you are doing in the server or lists of items you have already deemed unusable?
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    Whitelist Server OkamiCraft|DW20 modpack| 20 tps Stable... >18, last reset(11/13/2014)

    In-Game Name: frogger35 How old are you? 18 Where are you from (City, State or Country)? USA What are you looking for in this server a great experience of 1.7.10 mods as well as people to enjoy them with How active are you? very active at least 2-3 hours a day Do you agree to the rules (if so...
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    Whitelist Server LightCraft|Unstable 1.0.8|Whitelist

    App- Ign: frogger35 How often are you on: Daily for 5+hours for a few more weeks and then less cause school is starting back up :( Have you ever been banned, if so why: Yes 1 time on a Technic server because a admin had found my buddy using a dupe glitch then banned us both him for the obvious...
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    Whitelist Server RE-OPENED ~SQUirrellCraft~ 1.6.4 Monster-Modified | 32G RAM |Dedicated|Community Based| 。◕‿‿◕。

    Hey Fay and everyone :D just would like to throw it up there that I would like to come play on squirlly again ;) Can I get on that whitelist please?
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    Whitelist Server Mineguild Network

    - IGN: Frogger35 - Age: 17 - Have you played on other modded servers before?: Yes both public and private packs - Since when are you playing modded minecraft?: awhile now almost as long as I have been playing MC, Vanilla is just not my cup of tea.
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    Whitelist Server Around the Galaxy [Migrated] [Please close this thread]

    MC Name Frogger35 Name(Optional) ask me in a pm ;) Age 17 Country USA Explain in your own words what the server one rule is all about. Don't be an idiot there are other people on the server that you should consider when doing anything. Use the common sense you were hopefully born with. Thanks...
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    Whitelist Server =rTr= FTB Unleashed| Whitelist Server| v1.1.4| 18+ Community

    Nice to see you applying :D hope to see you in-game!
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    Whitelist Server OTE Gamers - Unleashed 1.1.7 | Whitelist | TS3 | MyTown | Econ | MultiGaming Community - Est. 2006

    In-Game Name: Frogger35 What are you looking for in the server? Fun laid back community to give me a place to chill and hang out with some great, fun, adventurous people. How long have you been playing Minecraft? A year or 2 now What experience do you have with FTB? A lot of...
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    Whitelist Server =rTr= FTB Unleashed| Whitelist Server| v1.1.3| 18+ Community

    Server is booming everyone :D, Post your applications to join in on the fun!! #1 whitelist server out on the market! ^_^
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    Whitelist Server =rTr= FTB Unleashed| Whitelist Server| v1.1.3| 18+ Community

    Application What is your username? Frogger35 What is your name? Jimmy joe How old are you? 4 2/1 Location (State or City & Country)? IDAHOE Have you ever been banned? What kinda band? Which mod packs are you most familiar with? the one pack with those one mods Pictures, videos, or descriptions...
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    lol nah. it's the clan server we all play on :). Great community bro you should really give it a...

    lol nah. it's the clan server we all play on :). Great community bro you should really give it a shot. Search for Right to Rebel and look at it
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    :P went over to the rtr server i'm playing on. wanted you to join but you did not want to switch...

    :P went over to the rtr server i'm playing on. wanted you to join but you did not want to switch over. Was going to go back to surthrival but the server seems down
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    Whitelist Server FireCraft | FTB Unleashed (v1.1.4) | Whitelisted | No Greifing | Survival | PVP

    IGN: frogger35 Age: 16 FTB Experience: Crazy amounts of EX. I have been playing for almost a year now Activity Level: Very active throughout the day as i'm on summer vacation Timezone / Country: CST-USA
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    Whitelist Server Merica | FTB Beta 1.5.2 Gregtech | Whitelisted | Mature | No Greifing | PVP

    IGN: frogger35 Age: 16 Location: USA How much do you know about FTB Beta mods: A lot, ask me any question and i'll (try) answer it! Why you want to join us: Looking for an amazing 1.5.2 server that i can start a youtube channel on Do you have a mic: sure do Are you interested in livestreaming...
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    Whitelist Server Surthtrival Online - 1.5.2, FTB Unleashed, Whitelist Server

    IGN: frogger35 Birthday: 08/02/1996 Timezone: CST Country: USA How often do you play?: All day mostly, I'm on summer break When did you hear about feed the beast?: A long time ago when i started playing modded minecraft How'd you discover Feed the Beast and what makes you want to play?: through...