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    It's probably that you downloaded the wrong version of Forge; I'm not sure how to toggle it, but MultiMC has a feature where another window runs the MC log. Keep an eye on that to see if anything seems to be going wrong. Also, MultiMC, if you hit the Settings button and tell it where the path...
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    Bug Minecraft crashes before fully starting up.

    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker It's not finding the FML classes it's looking for. This probably means one of the mods you added was made for a version of Forge sufficiently different from the one that comes with Infinity. Make sure you're running...
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    :33 < *ac saunters from her dark cave a little bit sl33py from the recent kill*

    :33 < *ac saunters from her dark cave a little bit sl33py from the recent kill*
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    I think I'll end up doing Infinity then, at least until GT 6 is properly finished. Thanks!
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Welp, old-timer here who hasn't posted since FTB Ultimate was still a thing. After finally getting Infinity to work, I'm now debating over whether to go with Infinity or Resurrection. I was supporting Gregtech until the changes to circuit-making and the fallout with Mdiyo, after which point I...
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    FTB Infinity 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    I'm not sure if this will help, but have you tried pressing "O"? If that doesn't work, something's definitely wrong; make sure the download didn't go wonky and NEI is indeed installed.
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    Minecraft keeps crashing

    I frankly can't tell, but it looks like there's a possibility it's being caused by some buggy block. Note that I'm guessing here. Can you tell us what modpack you're using and if anything seems to have caused the problem?
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    Why You Like Modded Minecraft

    I'm siding with miss Harley here. It has impressive complexity, mod authors are often rather ingenuous, and the processes of automation and building are both more possible and more rewarding IMHO.
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    What does YOUR Power Room look like?

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    Strange/Useless powers.

    Mystery men? :D Back OT, the power to have incredible brilliance on problems with no applications whatsoever, practical or impractical.
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    Challenge Denied :(

    So this means To justify those calculations, a million Extruders take about 5500 years, so a billion take 5.5 years. A trillion takes a thousandth of that, which is about 2 days. So I may have overestimated the requirements, the longest timeframe I'd expect to be considered in any way...
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    Challenge Denied :(

    I'm unfamiliar with compressed Cobble, but is there any way to produce it without directly producing Cobble and autocrafting it into Compressed?
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    Challenge Denied :(

    Even that probably won't work, the cost of n-compressed cobblestone grows exponentially. Thus octuple-compressed cobblestone is freaking EXPENSIVE. To get a full DSU of it is a mind-bogglingly huge amount of Cobble. Producing it in a reasonable time frame requires probably something along the...
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    Challenge Denied :(

    Yea, exponential growth's a (censored,) isn't it?
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    Mod Suggestions for 1.6

    Mod name: ExpandedRedstone Link: Version: 1.6. The download link to the core library is broken currently due to the OP being unable to modify the OP without advanced knowledge of HTML due to the buggy MCF, though. Reasons: I...
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    to OD on caffeine
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    Do not use ender tanks/chests!

    Made a post on the thread for Chickenbones' Mods about this, hopefully someone can tell me if my interpretation's correct. For those who don't want to load an MCF page (you're not alone,) I'm guessing it might be force-closing MC while a chunk with an Ender Chest/Tank is loaded?
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    Do not use ender tanks/chests!

    Hmm. Ender Tanks and Chests are in common use, so most won't be willing to give them up. Anyone else run into this glitch and have any idea how to prevent it? \Checks CB's Mods thread
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    The Pi Game

    6, actually.
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    Dartcraft: One of the most overpowered mods of our time

    "Rare" resources are ones which are "difficult" to get, due to physical rarity or otherwise. GT Iridium, for instance. Nether stars are generally considered rare, due to the fact that obtaining them is fairly difficult (though the Holy Hand Grenade sort of ruins this.) If one generalizes the...