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    32x [32x] JohnSmith Technician's Remix

    IDK if its hyst me but when i try to download, it says "file is unavaileble"
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    [32x] 1.5.2 Faithful FTB Unleashed, Direwolf20, Unhinged +More

    Could u put something like "Previous version" spoiler? Couse im updating the texture pack every time, but last update made mess due to chenges in Thaumcraft and omnitool's.:)
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    [16x] Wayukian for FTB Magic World 5

    i would love to c this pack support for others 2 modpacks ^^
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    Problem Conection to Server

    Ok deleting player data from server helped. This topic can be closed
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    [32x] 1.5.2 Faithful FTB Unleashed, Direwolf20, Unhinged +More

    With IC2 crops, on Some crooss bread plant i get Purple Squares, but nfortunately i have no idea which one. also Liquid sensor kit; Liquid sensor location card; Color Upgrade; This things r purple aswell i think they r from IC2 ^^
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    Problem Conection to Server Maybe this will be of any help
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    Problem Conection to Server

    Ok guys i got a problem with connection. Everything was Aok, until i used someone Linking book. MC crashed. After restart when im trying to connect it says: Disconected by server Internal server error Anyone have idea Why and/or how to fix this?
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    GetOnMyLevel|FTB Direwolf V3|White List

    IGN xSamsonx Age:26 Why do you want to join? Well im looking for a place where i can meet few ppl, have fun with community and play some FTB ^^ Have you ever been banned? Nope, never
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    MineMadness | [Direwolf20][1.4.6][Dedicated]| Whitelisted | Full Survival |English and French|Mature

    Your Age: 26 Your experience with the modpack: Well since it started XD with this ack particular XD For how long have you been playing minecraft in general: idn, somewhere from alfa Why would you want to join our server: Im looking for a nice community to have some hours of fun, and im searching...
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    [1.4.6]The-Construct (13+)| Direwolf Pack | Whitelist | 20 Slots | TS3

    IGN: xSamsonx Age: 26 Country: Poland Have you ever been banned from a server before?: nope Experience with mods?: a lot. all i can say ^^ Will you use TS3?: sure why not Answer to the secret question?: purple (da fak?:P)