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    Whitelist Server JCraft Ultimate FTB dedicated bukkit server

    Name blobstomper Age(if you dont mind saying) 24 Experience with the mods/vanilla MC played tekkit when i was new to minecraft. I've played a lot of direwolf20 pack but i am new to ultimate. i also almost always play hardcore,so i don't know a lot of the late game stuff. What do you bring to the...
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    Applecraft - Magic World | Whitelisted | No Pvp | Creeper Explosions (off)

    IGN - Blobstomper Age - 24 FTB Experience - very little but I've played tekkit. Have you ever been banned? - no Why Were you banned? - N/A Why Do you want to be part of AppleCraft? - i was invited by a friend i thought id give it a shot.