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    IGN: Taski97 Real name (optional): Age:16 Time Zone: GMT Why you want to join my server: i want to join a server that has respectful people on it
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    Whitelist Server catbus | ftb ultimate | whitelist | 12slot | hard | new world

    IGN: Taski97 Age:16 Games you have played besides Minecraft: Bf3, borderlands, portal plus more Anything else you want to tell us: i like server that have respectfull people, help each other out and dont get in my way
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    S!KCRAFT, [FTB Beta A][Whitelisted][PvE][26 Slots][FTB] 24/7

    IGN: Taski97 AGE: 16 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED FROM A SERVER: Nope WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH S!K NATION: I would like to learn the differnt mods and be able to survive with others