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    Bee production times question.

    I am running 3 max boilers with 2 queens with fastest traits in alvearies with 3 impregnated frames at all times. I am producing more oil than I am currently using.
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    Impregnated Frames

    Thank you for answer and addressing the question!
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    Impregnated Frames

    You can pipe frames into frame housing. I am doing it very successfully right now.
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    Impregnated Frames

    Has anyone actually timed them out and seen how long they last? I cant find any info for them. I am looking for this information so that I can fine tune my production and distribution of the frames.
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    Arboretum question.

    So you may be having a problem that I had... where it wouldn't plant the trees. I found that the machine couldn't handle with the id ending in :1. Some would have it and some wouldn't...I had to set up a diamond pipe to filter them out. If this isn't your problem then I do not know what else it...
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    How to make a soul shard cow farm?

    golemns....have them feed an electronic furnace or any other kind of furnace and then have them pull it out.
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    What is the perfect stats for a production bee?

    Longer, especially if you don't have an automated system. For breeding to new species go with the shortest, but once you got your production bee make it the longest you have available.
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    What is the perfect stats for a production bee?

    I plan on making an oil factory out of distilled bees, I havent messed around with caving but I want to see if I can put apiaries almost stacked in order to save room. I already gave them nocturnal, flier, and caving....just have to put it to the test
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    What is the perfect stats for a production bee?

    by fastest productivity do you mean speed? There is no trait on the beealyzer entitled productivity
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    Productivity Serum

    Is there anywhere that describes the difference between slowest and fastest for the categories?
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    What is the perfect stats for a production bee?

    I have recently been exposed to extra bees and messing with their BDNA. I am a little confuse in what I have read about what the traits do, so I thought I would ask. What are the best traits to have for a bee that you want to produce the most amount of combs or biproduct that you can?
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    Elevators in FTB

    Are you going for utility or look?
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    3x3 piston door using redpower?

    I also don't like frame doors, they are good for small doors but can be too slow for bigger door projects.
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    Myrtle Ebony growth

    No I wasn't sure, it's a pity there is not more information out about tree breeding.
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    Myrtle Ebony growth

    I tried to bonemeal all result. It was also in an open area.
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    Auto Bee Breeding

    1 wooden pipe, 1 autarchic gate, 1 apiarist pipe, 1 stone or cobble stone pipe. Set the the apiarist pipe to send bees back into the apiary or alvery. If you want the items, send them off in a different spot.
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    Myrtle Ebony growth

    I was wondering how you grow this tree. I currently have four saplings, tried it by itself, tried it in a two by two with no luck. There is currently no information about tree breeding in the wiki, also I have no idea how to make a tree analyzer due to issues with NEI. Also the wiki has not...
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    Whitelist Server ▇ UnionCraft ▇ | 24/7 | EU | 12gbRAM | Mature 18+ | PVE | Protections | MCPC+

    IGN: Mr_Cig Age: 25 Do you understand and accept the rules?: Aye Aye Sir Why do you wish to join Unioncraft?: I am interested in playing the mindcrack version of feed the beast. I am pretty familiar with Feed the beast!