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    Closed 2.5.3: Wythern Bow Is Not Charging

    No they need update pack thats the issue Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
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    1.1.0: Thaumcraft crash client

    Can we get a crashlog? :)
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    1.0.0 crashes server when loading a space station.

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: Loading a player's space station crashes the server. Mod & Version: GC Version used is 375 log: Can it be repeated: Yes. Known fix: Reported it to the mod's github...
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    Open 2.5.2: Sky Factory 2.5.2 server crash

    Crash report will also tell me if you changed anything in the pack that affect it.
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    Minecraft Runtime Environment cannot start

    Delete the folder D:/19chickens's Stuff/Games/Minecraft should make Curse re-download the required Minecraft files.
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    all mod packs crash with similar logs

    Yes it's your sound card.
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    Infinity Evolved Crashing on pre-allocating

    Well in both of the logs it says you have about 512 mb allocated to it . That last crash is Java trying to do Garbage Collection so often that it can't handle it .
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    FTB Infinity 2.5.0 Problems with Java 8. Feel like I've tried everything.

    Its opis that's the problem here also the newest update is 8u92.
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    Open 2.5.2: Random crashes

    Seems to be Inventory Tweaks
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    Inventory causing crash SF2

    Weird it just says this "[17:08:11] [INFO] MC process exited. return value: 255" i suggest deleting inventory tweaks its known for causing inventory issues.
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    Inventory causing crash SF2

    Crash log would be great
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    IE:S Exception Access Violation when AE autocrafting certain items

    Here's a driver update link for you
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    1.0.0: Skin Bug

    My skin is completely bugged and i didn't die before that.
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    1.0.0: 1.0.0 - Achievement after PneumaticCraft Crashes Client

    The Ptp items are removed from their version of AE2 but the achievement is still there so it crashes when it tries to load image.
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    Open 1.1.0: Super Builder wand not craftable?

    I can confirm on the server I play on it is uncraftable as well reported by multiple players.