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    Whitelist Server L2Devastation ~ Ultimate Pack ~ Whitelist ~ New ~ 50 Slots ~ Age: 21+ ~ NoMobGrief ~ Mining Age

    1. Forum Name: SirSutty 2. In Game Name: SirSutty 3. Age: 22 4. Country: England 5. Timezone: GMT 6. Prior Minecraft Experience: erm about 2 years?? I think, played tekkit when that was out and been playing ftb since release :D 7: Short Biography of yourself: Im English and I do indeed love...
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    Ram Issue?

    For some reason I Cant use the slider in the options part of the launcher to increase me allocated memory..... it wont let me allocate more than 1gig of RAM????? any ideaaas anyone..... if i start playing I get about 20 min before I run our of memory and the game gets all retarded
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    MineMadness | [Direwolf20][1.4.6][Dedicated]| Whitelisted | Full Survival |English and French|Mature

    Your Age: 22 Your experience with the modpack: Been playing tekkit ages ago and been playing this as soon as it came out so I am used to most of the mods. For how long have you been playing minecraft in general: Since about mid beta stage Why would you want to join our server: Would like to play...