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    Whitelist Server The Golden Keg DireWolf20(v1.0.2) server pack(small community)

    IGN - Peedyman age: 25 looking for a nice active community to play with. smaller is better more thightly knit servers. I have been playing on and off for years now and i stay as long as servers stay active
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 1.7.10 Small Community Server (easy whitelist)

    IGN- Peedyman Will you be able to join teamspeak- Yes allways Why you want to join- Looking for a nice community to play with What will you add to the community- many laughs and good company, while we advance the server together What mods are you good at and what builds can you offer- Im very...
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    Whitelist Server Chill the Beast: Direwolf20 1.7.10 Modpack Server, All Mods/Items

    IGN: Peedyman Age: 25 How long you've played Minecraft/Past Experience: Well its years but alot of on and off Type of Minecraft player you are: Play for hours on end doing one mod at a time. dream up new designs at night and work on it all day after... obsessive you could say in one word. Also i...
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 server looking for a few mature players for co-op play

    IGN - Peedyman Age - 25 Info- I have been playing various ftb mods on and off over the years i know most of the mods very well, and i play at all hours every day usually:) voice chat is very welcome. makes the server come together and become a great community
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    Whitelist Server MindCrack 8.3.2 ::GregTec Easy:: Whitelist Server Fresh Start :) Age 18+

    Same here Hard keeps it interesting longer Server Application: 1. In game Name: Peedyman 2. Skype Name ( Mandatory ): Peedy1235 3. Age:24 4. How often do you play minecraft? As long as im not working I'm never away from computer 5. Why would you like to join? I love mindcrack and this is...
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    Whitelist Server The Cave : FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 l Mature l Whitelist l Teamspeak3

    IGN:Peedyman Age:24 How long have you been playing minecraft?: On and off for about three years now. Have you ever been banned?:no Do you know how to use TeamSpeak?:yes What times during a day would you usually play minecraft?: After work every day. I work mornings so i play nights. (+1gmt) Why...
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    Whitelist Server REFER TO NEW THREAD ABOVE

    Age: 24 Country: Norway Timezone: +1 GMT Minecraft IGN: Peedyman Skype or Teamspeak: Skype: Peedy1235 also have TS3 A little about yourself: Man 24 I work days and play or party nights. Work is part time so I got plenty of time to play and stuff. What do you think when I say ThaumCraft vs...
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    Whitelist Server StromCraft [FTB Minecrack] FreshStart - 30ppl 18+

    1. In game Name: Peedyman 2. Skype/RazorComms Name ( Mandatory ): Peedy1235 3. Age: 24 4. Did you read the rule's ? Yes and i like them very much. 5. Why would you like to join? Looking to start playing ftb with people that also enjoy building stuff. this seems to be a server with the right...
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast[mindcrack 8.3.2]{whitelist}PvE

    IGN.. Peedyman AGE.. 24 HAVE YOU BEEN BANNED (if so number of times)[WHY] I have never been banned from any minecraft servers. ive only ever played with good friends on our own servers, but now im the only one that still loves minecraft so. WHY SHOULD WE WHITELIST YOU.. Because i love playing...
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    Mac SOLVED — Shutting down internal server — java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

    New error now....!!! console: Tried increasing memory to 4gb and same problem. MAC and ive tried running with latest java aswell as the java 6. no difference same error
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    Mac Crashing on Mindcrack

    same problem here.
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    [MindCrack] Forestry Extra bees?

    I am having the exact same problem. updated the server and reinstalled my client aswell. same problem persisted. Theres no crash log as i dont crash i just cant connect to the server console
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    Mac FTB Launcher Crash

    set it to "re-open launcher when minecraft crashes"
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    Mac FTB Launcher Crash

    Ok ive got the same problem and i want to play badly logs: Tried with 8.1.0 crashed before game got launched console log: crash-log: Tried with recommended (8.1.1) Got into game but crashed when i tried to connect to the server...