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    Material Energy MegaThread

    Nobody knows :P
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    Single biome pack

    I think Biomes O'Plently config has an option to disable biomes. But it might be easier to use Biome tweaker
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    FTB News - 3 Oct 2015

    Can't wait for FTB Infinity 2.0
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    Question about creating a pack

    I would recommend using MultiMC or the Curse client
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    [1.7.10] Material Energy^4

    It also would be hard for someone else to update it because they don't really know what parcel wants :P
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    [1.7.10] Material Energy^4

    Parcel is still making packs. School/ College is taking most of his time atm :)
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    [1.7.10] Material Energy^4

    This pack has been completed for a few months :)
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    [Listed] [1.7.10] Refuge [Jampacked 2 Entry] [HQM] [FTB Launcher] [Curse Client]

    idk I just gave watchful the description like that.
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    FTB News - September 18th, 2015

    Great news post. Can't wait for the livestream :)
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    [Listed] [1.7.10] Refuge [Jampacked 2 Entry] [HQM] [FTB Launcher] [Curse Client]

    Is your pc good specs? If not I can't really help, sorry :)
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    HQM Art - Why so blurry?

    Make sure it's the right size image, or just edit one from another modpack. Here is the one from Refuge
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    FTB Unleashed 2

    Are you going to tell us a bit about the pack?
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    [1.7.10] RavenCraft Core w/ server

    Pictures would be nice
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    [Listed] [1.7.10] Refuge [Jampacked 2 Entry] [HQM] [FTB Launcher] [Curse Client]

    Click on the gear next to your friends list, then click settings. Once you have done that go down to 'Minecraft', there you can see all you Minecraft settings. To increase your memory allocation (aka RAM) just move the slider bar up :)
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    Request A big modpack

    FTB Infinity has a good range of different mods.
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    SKYTECH - Lightweight Skyblock Survival! | BETA TESTERS NEEDED

    If you need beta testers you could join this 3rd party pack testing team, You can ask people to test your pack :)
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    Having an issue with custom HQM sounds

    You can't edit the mod file itself. Try using something like Resource Loader for sounds and textures :)
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    3rd Party Pack Testing

    You can apply if you click the blue "slack group"
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    3rd Party Pack Testing

    3rd Party Pack Testing We are looking to create a place where thirdparty pack makers can have feed-back for their packs, ask for help, and give their packs to be actually noticed. 3rd Party Pack Testing allows modpack makers to get their packs tested. When you first start out, getting...
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    [Listed] [1.7.10] Refuge [Jampacked 2 Entry] [HQM] [FTB Launcher] [Curse Client]

    New server files, 1.1.6 New Curse version, Server files are compatiable with