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    Just Another Spawner help?

    I'm trying to set up a modpack for myself (I might release it as well, if there's interest in it) and would like to use Just Another Spawner to modify hostile mob spawning mechanics. However, after combing through the wiki, I personally found it not very helpful. I was wondering if there was...
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    Exact Weighting for the Mob Spawn Cycle

    Accoridng to this: Natural mob spawns spawn in packs, with an 85% chance of being within 5 blocks of the 'center' of the pack, and a 99% chance of being within 10 blocks. However, this article does not go into exact weighting, and I would like...
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    In Forestry addons, how much are the underground bees important?

    They are necessary for all of the binnie's mod mineral bees, plus various others that branch off of those. Magic Bees does not add underground hives, as far as I'm aware.
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    Yes, but it wouldn't be air that you're taking out of the fusion reactor, right? I would assume that just throwing in a lot of air in with the hydrogen in a fusion reactor wouldn't be a good idea, so one would have to make a vaccum first and keep the fuel hydrogen at least relatively pure in...
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    Well, I'm not a chemistry major or anything, but helium is (very slightly) heavier then hydrogen, so wouldn't it eventually settle to the bottom? I mean, I know that matter that is hotter then the sun certainly has MORE then enough energy to go whatever way it wants to, but wouldn't there at...
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    Removing Experience Drops from Ores and Smelting

    If you do add it, please let me know. Also, since you're here, another feature that I've been wanting that seems like it would fit nicely with your mod is a config option to make buckets place temporary water flow blocks, instead of water sources. And also ice being the same when it melts.
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    Removing Experience Drops from Ores and Smelting

    Is there a mod anywhere that allows disabling the experience drops from mining ores like redstone and diamonds, and smelting?
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    Tools for Pack Creators

    Is there a mod that removes, or has the option to remove, the player coordinates, current biome, and other in-game info from the F3 overlay?
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    Except without the 'LOLDIAMONDS' balance and tons of useless/OP bloat.
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    It would be nice to have a stand-alone mod with something similar to industrial tnt/dynamite. I recently had some more specific ideas for such a mod, which would be nice to see implemented; First, is dynamite, crafted with a piece of paper, gunpowder, and string, which if right clicked with a...
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    A Railcraft Thread

    I think you all are mistaking 'efficiency with' 'power creep'. It's quite fun to determine how to make the most efficient thing with a given set of basic tools, though it's considerably less fun when you use a mod that just does everything in one block, and calls it 'balanced' by adding...
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    ReactorCraft Fission Reactor Designs

    Being able to throw a grenade that puts out fires in an area sounds like it'd be quite useful.
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    That is a massive number of cable intersections, I wonder how much of your CPU is being tied up in that...
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    ReactorCraft Fission Reactor Designs

    Something that might give some ideas is uses for chlorofluorocarbons, In particular, refrigerants and propellants might have some use. Perhaps a much more effective alternative to liquid nitrogen? EDIT: Some chlorofluorocarbons also apparently...
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    ReactorCraft Fission Reactor Designs

    I am aware of the fact that it's coded differently, I mean code it so that it respects blast resistance, so that the percentage chance of destruction is lowered with higher blast resistance. I wouldn't imagine it would be difficult to do, since you're already telling the blocks to move/be...
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    ReactorCraft Fission Reactor Designs

    Why not make the explosions respect blast resistance? Would that be too expensive computationally?
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    How do you breed villagers? Emeralds? It would be funny if it used doors...
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    Mobs' Deaths Spamming Chat - Infinity

    They're called Champion mobs, if that helps. They do kinda spam up chat when you have a mob grinder, but they drop some really good loot if you kill them yourself.
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    Random Numbers Reference Thread

    Hi! I like numbers. I also like doing things with these numbers. In fact, one of the biggest draws for Minecraft for me, personally, is figuring out new and interesting things to over-engineer, and one of my favorite parts of over-engineering is figuring out production rate. As I was...
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    Unbreakable bedrock TiCon tools would be pretty easy to add, actually. Just make the material impart Unbreaking 10, which makes the tool unbreakable. EDIT: Also, what about allowing bedrock ingots to be melted into liquid and cast? Probably in the rock melter? Actually, that could work for HSLA...