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    Whitelist Server Wolfstone FTB|Monster 1.0.9 Beta|Whitelist|TS3|Mature|Survival|

    Username:ToastyToast1233 Age:19 Country of residence: 'Murica Why do you want to join?: Going to college. I need something else to pass the time. Past notable experience (Not important): I used to run a FTB Mindcrack server. I ran out of money and had to shut it down. How many rules are there...
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    Whitelist Server Choppercraft - Direwolf20 1.6 - Whitelist - 20-30 Players

    IGN:ToastyToast1233 Age:19 Country: America Sex: Male Reason for Joining; Looking for friends :( How will you contribute: Being positive and helping out the noobs. I have a fairly good idea of how everything works. Have you been Banned: Nope.
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    Whitelist Server CLOSED DOWN - Mjionation | FTB 1.3.5v | DW20 | Whitelisted

    Mc name: toastytoast1233 Age:19 Where you're from(country): 'Murica (New York) How long you have been playing MC: since beta 1.7 Hours spent in a week: 15-20 depending on homework for college
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    Whitelist Server SteadyCraft |FTB Monster 1.0.7 | Whitelist | Survival |Mature|24 /7 Uptime

    IGN:ToastyToast1233 Age:19 Why do you want to join?: I just want some friends to play with. I haven't had a computer recently and I want to get back into the swing of FTB Experience with modded Minecraft: I started playing with tekkit and other modpacks back in beta 1.7. Once FTB made an...
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    RedPower news, and thaumcraft

    Or elevator music. Or an update of any kind.
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    OK We get it..

    We get it. Its a work in progress mod pack. We get that it takes time for stuff to be updated, We get that you are all humans to, and take time for stuff to get finished. But really. How hard would it be for someone to throw up a tweet saying "Its almost done!" or "Its not gonna update today...
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    RedPower news, and thaumcraft

    Yeah, that was the tweet I was talking about. I still want the next pack. Whatever it is.
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    RedPower news, and thaumcraft

    Agreed. They said tomorrow evening GMT. Its that time. C'mon guys, give us something. I really don't like this whole, not give people news thing that mod-authors are doing lately. (Doesn't mean that they aren't doing a great job)
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    RedPower news, and thaumcraft

    I hoping that some of them are just small bugs (like the whole bundled cable block breaker thing. My preliminary guess being a problem with that block data value and what it drops) But me and my entire server are waiting for this update to drop fr a new map. Also, did anyone see DW20's tweet...
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    Matter Fab vs Mass Fab

    The chrome requirement can actually be filled by macerating redstone, and bauxite is not hard to find. I dont know, a day after making this thread, I understand the need to make mass fabs more expensive, but at the same time, I don't think gregtech did it properly.
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    Server Suddenly Stopped working

    Alright, so the server was working earlier today. I stopped and restarted it to mess around with some configs. Shortly afterwards it crashed. When I tried restarting I got an error. Pastebin: It's the latest beta pack A. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit version...
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    Matter Fab vs Mass Fab

    So, what exactly makes the Matter Fab better then the Mass Fab? I really don't get it. It costs more, takes more EU, and is generally more annoying to use. So, how is the matter fab more efficient then the mass fab.
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    Obligatory-Craft|Beta Pack A|Whitelist|Mature Server for a small group

    Give me like 10 minutes before you all get added, server needs to reboot. for that to work Hmm. Wierd. Im gonna add the guys up top, then reboot. And we should be all set. And thats it for whitelisting for now. Your the laaaaast one.
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    Obligatory-Craft|Beta Pack A|Whitelist|Mature Server for a small group

    And Now your added :) (I think GregTech is awesome too, GregTech liker's are not alone!)
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    Obligatory-Craft|Beta Pack A|Whitelist|Mature Server for a small group

    Both whitelisted. I am currently on if you have questions.
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    Obligatory-Craft|Beta Pack A|Whitelist|Mature Server for a small group

    Hello everyone, this is McToastyToast here with a brand new Server! Now, to celebrate the fact that I got a Server, I am opening it for whitelisting. This server was originally used for me and a few friends, but they are all lazy bums, so I am opening it up here. Now for some info...