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    Whitelist Server Please Close thread

    i just realized in that pick you can see where i set up camp I'm way too close to the village. I should probably move ._.
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    Mcraftworlds FTB / 20+ Mature / Beta Server - Whitelist

    IGN: Anikidomo Age: 25 Why you are applying: I find it difficult to play by myself or to join huge open servers What you expect: I'm hoping to have a more communal experience and to learn more about ftb
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    Whitelist Server Please Close thread

    In Game Name: Anikidomo Do you understand and agree with rules stated above: Si If you have been banned before please share your side of the story (we do check for previous bans): I've been too afraid of servers to last long enough to get banned (been on 2 open servers and felt very alone on a...
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    Whitelist Server OzeRicks [FTB minecrack 1.4.6|White listed | 18+ none PVP 20+ slot server]

    Birthday: 4-26-87 In Game Name: Anikidomo Related (minecraft/ FTB) Experience: been playing for a few months and i've logged a LOT of hours. Recently started playing ftb but i hate playing by myself. Playing Availability: Unemployed, so pretty much always Time Zone: GMT-5
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    Private FTB Server || FeedTheCrafts

    age: 25 Minecraft IGN: Anikidomo country of residence: usa Skype: indeed, i hope to enjoy the pleasure of speaking to other people in real time and making new friends Are you alright with being pranked? Will you prank people? Yes but i don't expect to be doing a lot of pranking myself Why do you...
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    whitelistcraft|FTB mindcrack pack 1.4.6|whitelisted|looking for a mature group

    IGN: Anikidomo age: 25 Skype: anikidomo time playing ftb/tekkit: a few weeks, but i've put in a lot of hours anything about you: I've always been very creative and spent years studying art and dabbled in some engineering. I love making things that look good and function smoothly.
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    1.4.6[MineCrack] RippleCraft [Whitelist][Nolag][Teamspeak][NewMap]

    1. Age: 25 2. IGN: Anikidomo 3. How long have you been playing the FTB Pack?: 2 Months 4. What do you plan to do on the server?: Experience a world with lots of other players who are respectful and helping, and to make new friends. I'm also planning on making a store using filled lap packs as a...