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    Which is your favorite game?

    I play legend of zelda game and This is my favorite game.
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    Good vs. Evil

    55. I am good
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    Any good free games?

    Pokemon x game is free.
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    Far Cry 5

    Im loving it, it’s basically the same game as the previous ones but I think that’s what people expect it’s a fun game, the characters are amazing, the villains actually feel more like people you would see in real life since they already exist all around America. Plus they are kind of...
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    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo switch is one of the fastest selling game consoles. It is a hybrid console which gives you the best of the home and handheld console world as a convenient package. You can play in your big screen as well as keeping the console in hand and continue where you left on the go. Nintendo...
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    Recommendation on a laptop?

    If you are a programmer, I would strongly recommend going for a MacBook Air with 8GB/128GB base option. The MacBook you are talking about is MD101HNA mostly. and its pretty old with mechanical disc which is why you’re getting 500 GB of slow storage. Go for MacBook Air base version which would be...