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    FTB infinity: Game crash during initialization (Mojang loading screen) - Mac

    All of the FTB packs since they started adding fastcraft will start once and then never open again, I have found while using a mac. The only way I have found to stop this is to disable fastcraft.
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    Unsupported Monster 1.6.4 Bug Reports

    Mod Pack: Monster 1.0.7 Mod & Version: Project Red Or Forge Multipart Pastebin link to crash log: Whats the bug? Game crashes when breaking red alloy wire. The alloy wire can be not connected to anything or have no cover or strips or be connected and have...
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    For those of you crashing on startup

    Hey cheers for the help thought you'd cracked my problem, however when I use that cod, the console says could not create virtual machine any ideas on a solution. Cheers either way.
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    Mac Crash when joining smp/ssp (Mindcrack pack)

    Hey I'm having the same problem across the board for FTB (Ultimate, Mindcrack DW20......) When I tried your solution I got this message in the console: Unrecognized VM option 'permSize=64M' Could not create java virtual machine Is this due to something not being up to date, eg. Java. Any...
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    Suggest Mods for FTB Here

    Hey, Couldn't see this mod on the list so..... MineChem This mod is a great little mod, works great with IC2 and Forestry ores and ingots, its still doesn't have Greg's tech dusts but it does...
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    Whitelist Server ▇ UnionCraft ▇ | 24/7 | EU | 12gbRAM | Mature 18+ | PVE | Protections | MCPC+

    IGN: Laslon Age: 25 Do you understand and accept the rules?: Aye aye sir Why do you wish to join Unioncraft?: I wish to join a server in the UK (Lag reason's [and people :P ]), also I like the age range of the server, looking through the people you've whitelisted None are younger than me that I...
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    Open Server ☆ Loot Chest ☆ NEW MAP 3/12/14 | TPPI | Community | Towns | Grief Prevention | Teamspeak

    First Name: Jon IGN(In Game Name): Laslon Age: 25 Do you have teamspeak?: Yes Do you have a microphone? Yes Why you want to join us: Want to see what the server is like. Anything Else: Very experienced with mods been playing since DW did season 2 Whitelist link...
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    Private Pack TahgCraft [Closed, Can't pay for it]

    Yea I'm fine with option 2. :)
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    Private Pack TahgCraft [Closed, Can't pay for it]

    Pm'd :) I will donate too :)