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    FTB Departed Server not working?

    Title: FTB Departed Server not working? Launcher Version: 1.4.3 Modpack: FTB Departed Modpack Version: 1.2.0 Log Link: Details of the issue: When I start the Server.bat file it stops completely and crashes
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    Whitelist Server RE-OPENED ~SQUirrellCraft~ 1.6.4 Monster-Modified | 32G RAM |Dedicated|Community Based| 。◕‿‿◕。

    Ign:GhostKnight2000 Age:14 Reason for wanting to join:just want to have fun on a ftb server with people to talk to. Plans/Goals:Not much just make an awesome base with research and stuff prior experience with MC , Tekkit, FTB:Ive been playing FTB, Tekkit and others for few months now and i...
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    GDD|Craft [Direwolf] [Whitelist] [No Lag] [24/7] [12+]

    Username:Ghostknight2000 Age:13 Years playing Minecraft:2 years Have you been banned:never Will you like to grief?(And therefore make it on our global banlist) Nope Other information:I really enjoy FTB and its really fun and i wanted to try out a server that has it.