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    Open Server [EnderKraken][DireWolf20 V1.0.3] [1.7.10][Survival] [TS3] [200slots][GriefPrevention]

    I have been playing on this server for quite a while now and can just say its the best server i have joined so far. Really stable, not that its never down, but when it is, you can be sure that someone is already working on it. It has the most mature and helpful staff i have ever met. Almost as...
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    Whitelist Server The World(24/7)A Space Astronomy 1.5.5 Server| Brand New Map(11/28/2016)| Mature

    IGN (in-game name): Blauklotz Location: Germany Age (I am looking for 16+ but will make exceptions): 35 Why do you want to play here?: The title said you are looking for players, so here i am. No seriously, i would like to check out the modpack. Also would love to play multiplayer again after...
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    Whitelist Server Chill the Beast: Direwolf20 1.7.10 Modpack Server, All Mods/Items

    IGN: Blauklotz Age:35 How long you've played Minecraft/Past Experience: I started with modded minecraft about 2 years ago, never played the original vanilla. I have played on singleplayer, with friends and on public servers with almost all modpacks. While i have been doing tech stuff a lot when...
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    Elec's FTB Server - No Whitelist - All Mods Enabled

    I experianced massive block lags
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    Nessaja FTB | [1.4.2]FTBBETA_A | Whitelist | 20Slots | dedicated DE | prebuild OW "Eldaria"

    Ingame Name: Blauklotz Age: 33 Experience with Minecraft: i dont have any with vanilla, i started with tekkit Experience with FTB (mods in general): yes, tekkit, i have learned a lot so far, but there are still things i dont really know about (bees, cross-breeding,cc). Name 3 things you could be...
  6. B | Premium FTB Server

    IGN: Blauklotz Where you heard about the server: here Why you would like to play on the server: Reasonable rules; dedicated server; whitelist; and this thread looks nice, nice applications so far, so hopefully a friendly community. If you have any bans on record: None What can you bring to the...