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    [Game thread] StormWolves (previously known as "Prolupus") [Werewolves/Mafia]

    Oh right, this game! I think I'm still alive, so vote RealKC. 50%. 30% Pyure, 10% Fowltief, 10% Someone else.
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    Chromawolf Game Thread

    LockVote RealKC
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    Chromawolf Game Thread

    Vote RealKC
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    Chromawolf Game Thread

    Sorry, I have terrible STM
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    Chromawolf Game Thread

    Right, I'm gonna vote RealKC.
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    Chromawolf Game Thread

    EST works for me (Hey that rhymes! kinda)
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    Chromawolf Game Thread

    Yes, but only because idk what else to do. And I just remembered the "Save pyure conglomerate" so I won't vote you on D1 anymore
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    Chromawolf Game Thread

    Hmm this is tough. I could do the easy thing and bandwagon but... that may make me look more like a wolf... Gonna vote Nojr day one is always tough :/
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    [SIGNUP] Chromawolf

    I think I can make it, IN
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    [Game Thread] Trouble in Terrorist Town 2

    I'll vote Pyure. It is day one :p
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    [Closed][SIGNUPS] Trouble in Terrorist Town 2

    Oh look a thread. In
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    Werewolf Organisation: Electric Boogaloo Redux

    I think I can manage a game, whenever the next one is :)
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    Werewolf Organisation: Electric Boogaloo Redux

    You guys can remove me from the ping list for now, as I have reduced activity, although I might return soon.
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    New mods, new rules, new journal

    Looks nice so far! I'll be watching this.
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    Announcing FTB Infinity Evolved, FTB Tweaks, and FTB Utilities.

    Be sure you unlocked the pack in the launcher. After doing that, open the folder and drag the mods in.
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    I think it's a reference

    I think it's a reference
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    Immersive Steam Powered Rails

    I think you should move this over to third party packs, this forum is more for posting pictures of worlds/