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    Inacio's FTB Server - Mindcrack+ (Includes Mystcraft and other mods); No whitelist!

    normal users can't make ages. Mystcraft is just for mods or using linking books, I guess.
  2. P | Premium FTB Server

    IGN: Pwillxorz Where you heard about the server: Here. Why you would like to play on the server: Because I'm looking for a server with rp2, cc, and mystcraft. If you have any bans on record: nope What can you bring to the community: mystcraft fanatacism, help in creating ages/rp2/cc setups. Big...
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    MineMadness | [Direwolf20][1.4.6][Dedicated]| Whitelisted | Full Survival |English and French|Mature

    Your Age: 24 Your experience with the modpack: Run a tekkit server, so everything in that is pretty good... Mostly RP,CC,Mystcraft,and IC For how long have you been playing minecraft in general: since alpha. Why would you want to join our server: Because I like mystcraft and computercraft and...
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    [1.4.6]The-Construct (13+)| Direwolf Pack | Whitelist | 20 Slots | TS3

    IGN: Pwillxorz Age:24 Country:USA Have you ever been banned from a server before?:no Experience with mods?: CC, Myst, RP2, pretty much good with everything but forestry and a couple others. Will you use TS3?:maybe Answer to the secret question? Purple
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    there appears to be a whitelist now (there wasn't before) can you please add pwillxorz and sodomuffin? We've been playing for a while without incident.