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    Whitelist Server Blues-Craft | Ultimate | White-List | Grief Protection |Keep Items on death | Essentials |24/7

    Minecraft Name : Trajano_080 Experience With Modded Minecraft : I played the first 1.4 ftb pack (2012 or 2013, I don't remember), I played the mindcrack and ultimate packs in 2013, and in 2014 I played custom packs based mostly on Unleashed and Monster. I am comming back to Minecraft now after...
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    Gregtech Easy Configs

    But it does have its configs.
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    Advanced Machines

    Why is Advanced Machines no longer in packs (not even in resurrection)?
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    Gregtech Easy Configs

    What is the TPPI2 password?
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    Gregtech Easy Configs

    I want to play with GT but have all the recipes and all the hard stuff that GT brings reverted back to as close to vanilla as possible. Does any one know which are the options in the config to do that and where they are?
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    Whitelist Server EclispeCraft|Whitelist|Infinity|1.2.1| ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

    IGN: trajano080 Skype: trajano080 Biggest Accomplishment: I don't really know. Maybe creating an enderpearl farm in vanilla or fully automating my base in FTB
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast [Resurrection 1.0.1] Server Closed Due To Lack Of Updates.

    trajano080 14 Argentina Yes, nine months ago for "hacking" but I have never hacked since and won't hack again Loved Ultimate and I want to play this updated version. If I don't get accepted then please let me know.
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    Will my computer run FTB?

    Intel Core 2-duo, 4 GB RAM is enough. I'm not sure what GPU, I have Nvidia GTS 450, but you can use a much worse one and it will still work. I have 4 GB RAM, an Intel Core i5 and an Nvidia GTS 450 and I run a custom modpack (very much like monster) with 195 mods at 150-350 fps.
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    add mods

    Select your pack on the launcher and then click "edit modpack".
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    It's preety close, but it's missing some stuff and has too much extra stuff. It's missing...

    It's preety close, but it's missing some stuff and has too much extra stuff. It's missing advanced machines.
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    Hosting a server at home with 50 people.

    With Optifine, (which, contrary to popular belief, DOES work with FTB) you can make use of the other cores.
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    Big Reactor Not Producing What it Should

    No, I actually hadn't tried them, thx for the suggestion :). They might be too cheaty for my liking, but I will definitely try them out.
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    Big Reactor Not Producing What it Should

    I think I'm keeping it at 1, I might bump it up later :)
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    Big Reactor Not Producing What it Should

    Well, it could be the configs, but if they are the same then it shoudn't be a heat problem since I set it up the same way (or does it work that way? this is the first time I use this mod) Edit: I just looked at the configs. My power production multiplier is set at 1.0, should I change it to 3.0...
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    Big Reactor Not Producing What it Should

    According to the speadsheet (, A 5x5 Reactor with 4 fuel rods in the corners cooled with Cryotheum, should produce 2100 RF/t, however, my reactor, which is set up exactly the same way only produces...
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    Techworld 2 sever with GregTech?

    There's one called Unlimited-Monster. It's on Monster though, but it has GT. You don't have to get into magic mods if you don't like to, so you can try it.
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    AE2 Discussion

    Hate the meteor thing, the circuit thingys have to be craftable...
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    Best Coolant for Big Reactors

    Oh, thanks for that spreadsheet, helps a lot. EDIT: BTW for example 5x5, that's 5x5 on the outside right?, so there would be 3x3 in the middle right?