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    Whitelist Server TechCraft | New Map | 1.0.23 | Whitelist | 10 slots | 24/7 | Vanilla | 13+ |2 GM RAM|ACCEPTING

    Username; Orcius Age:19 Country: Belgiul Timezone:GMT+1 Playtime average per week: 20h Recording: Nope Teamspeak: Y Why should I whitelist you? DireWolf Experience: all seasons Favourite Mod: AE Any Whitelist Server Experience? 3 How well do you play with other people? Average
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    Whitelist Server Deathcap - [1.6.4 DW20 1.0.12] [Whitelist] [Vanilla/few plugins] [Mature players ONLY]

    IGN: orcius Specialty: Farming Did you read the rules? skipped them, didn't you? -_- : I did not :o Why do you want play on Deathcap?: Never played on a raid server but it seems awsome. Finally some use for those securitystations! Got Skype?: I do
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    Whitelist Server RoyalCraft| Direwolf20 1.0.23 1.6.4 |18+ | Whitelisted | New Map | 24/7| TeamSpeak|Small Community

    IGN: orcius AGE: 20 Reason You want to join: I'm looking for a mature small server, where you can "know your neighbours" :) Other Info to help Your App: I'm from Belgium and speak English, French and Dutch... Are You a youtuber that wants to record: nope, might want to try it some day tough...
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 1.0.25 Server | Whitelist | open spots

    ign: orcius age(18+): 19 banned before? Nope if so why? why you'd like to join? I'd like to play on a rather small server where you can know "your neighbors". I also would like to build a big farm which pro ides every food in the game on some sort of market :) Greets, orcius
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    Whitelist Server VanityMC | Direwolf20 | Whitelisted | Grief Prevention | Mature | Events | Parkour | TS3 | No Lag

    In Game Name: orcius Age: 19 Country: Belgium New to mods: No ( maybe a few new ones) About yourself: I'd love to play on this server be ause the spawn looks so awsome and the descriptions make it seem great! Will you be on our teamspeak?: Yes, to listen, not speak (i'll chat) because i don't...
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    Whitelist Server RE-OPENED ~SQUirrellCraft~ 1.6.4 Monster-Modified | 32G RAM |Dedicated|Community Based| 。◕‿‿◕。

    IGN: Orcius Age:20 Banned Before: Never Experience with modded MC: Since 1.2.5 Goals On Server: Build a huge automated farm that produces every food in the gamen and sell it on a market to the community Unique Skills?: Commited to active project How Active are you?: 8/12h/week Which sums you up...
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    Whitelist Server Dragons Palace - Monster Pack - Whitelist - 18+ - 6GB Ram 5 cores

    Username: Orcius Location: Belgium (GTM+1) Age: 20 How active of a player are you: 8-12h/week Why you’re a good fit for this community: I like to build/use/contribute to a sort of community and this server seems right for it. Just to give you an idea: I'd like to build a huge automated farm...
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    Whitelist Server Whitelisted Monster server|Monster 1.1.1|Whitelist|20 Slots|16+| Apply now :)

    Age: 20 Minecraft ign: Orcisu Timezone: GTM+1 Modpack experience (on a scale of 1 to 10) (this does not affect your application): 6 (knows 1.4.7 modpacks very good) What you plan to bring to the community: Build a Huge automated farm that produces every possible food in the game and share it...
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    Whitelist Server MineCore S2|Community|FTB Monster 1.1.2|Whitelist|ATG|TS3|No banned Items!

    1. How long have you played Minecraft? 2-3 years 2. Why do you like Minecraft? Creativity 3. How mature are you? 20 years old 4. Location: Belgium (GTM+1) 6. Age: 20 7. Amount of time you spend playing weekly? 8-12h/week 8. Have you ever been banned or kicked from a server? nope 9. Pictures(if...
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    Whitelist Server [1.6.4] Tech World 2 [No-Plugins][No Banned Items][New Map][Apply Now!]

    Ign(In game name): Orcius Skype(Optional):(willing to give for TS once ingame) Where are you from?:Belgium How long have you played FTB? 2, maybe 3 years now. What do you like to do mostly in FTB(Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc): Farming and Engineering We may add a few mods of our own...
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    Whitelist Server ∞WhiteList∞MindCrack∞Open∞APPLY NOW!!!!!!!!

    IGN: Orcius AGE: 20 HAVE YOU BEEN BANNED : Yes, once (It was a misunderstanding and was unbanned after) WHY SHOULD WE WHITELIST YOU: I'm looking for a fun server with sort of community, and this one seems right. DO YOU AGREE WITH THE RULES: I do. A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF: Have been playing FTB...
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    Whitelist Server {[Oddworld]} Horizon ftb [whitelist|no plugins| 24/7 Creeperhost Server]

    Minecraft Name: Orcius Why you want to join: I'd love to try out FTB 1.6.4, since i've been playing 1.4.7 for a while now. Age: 20
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Direwolf20 1.5 v2 (v1.1.3)

    IGN: Orcius Age: 19 Experience: I've been playing mods before FTB, and followed Direwolf all this time, so pretty big! :D Extra motivation: I'm a teamplayer! I like to build little communities in which everyone has it's own responsabilities (Farming, Research, Storage, Housing...). I help...
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    Whitelist Server DW20 AdabbonCraft | 50+ Slots | No Lag | Streamers | Little Restrictions | TeamSpeak3

    - REAL Name:Quentin - MC Username: Orcius - Experience with FTB: Playing for a while now, (always been following Direwolf and so had experience with mods even before FTB). - Other servers you played on: Orcomania (was my own server, but because a lack of money, I had to close it). - Do you...
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    Whitelist Server ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ beastCaste ╤─── Factions, Mining age [̲̲̅̅T̲̲̅̅S̲̲̅̅3̲̲̅̅] Ultimate V1.0.2 ۞

    Ingame name: Orcius Why do you want to join?: I'm really excited about extra bees. I want to try to get every recource trough bees Are you allowed to pvp?: Only for fun, not to steal items. So if the killed person doesn't like it or can't laugh with it, you're doing wrong. your age: 19 Extra...
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    Feed the Beast MD 1.4.6 Mindcrack v6 FTP Server

    Name:Quentin Age: 17 MC Name: Orcius MC/FTB Experience: lots, i've quit my current server because there was too much lag How you can benefit the community: I'm quit a good farmer and those things, Forestry is my thing, but also IC2 crops, animal breeding etc...
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    [1.4.6]The-Construct (13+)| Direwolf Pack | Whitelist | 20 Slots | TS3

    IGN: Orcius Age: 17 Country: Belgium Have you ever been banned from a server before?: Nope Experience with mods?: pretty good i think, almost seen all direwolf's vids... Will you use TS3?: Not in the beginning, but once i feel comfortable yes. Answer to the secret question?: purple
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    [1.4.6 Direwolf20 Modpack] LogiCarft - 16+, Mature

    1. Username: Orcius 2. Age: 17 3. Skype: Yes 4. Whats your favorite Mod? Forestry 5. Why would you like to join our server? To build a crazy community, in which i would do preferably the farmstuf 6. What could you bring to the server? Everything including IC2 farming, forestry biofuel etc, bee...
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    Minecraft Noobs|1.4.2|Whitelist|

    IGN: Orcius Age:17 Why you would like to play on this server?: Cause i want to learn all about FTB, although I know a little from Etho/genericb/Bdoubleo100 If you have ever been banned, and why?:Never What skills do you have?:I quickly notice if something isn't right in a biuld and why that is...