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    Open Ore Sheep not "eating" ores

    Summary of the problem Ore Sheep not "eating" ores Pack Version 1.1.0 What is the bug? The issue seems to only be affecting servers as SSP ore sheep are acting as intended. Essentially ore sheep are suppose to eat ores to start growing the respective ore as wool however this does not...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Quick search of the public packs section shows two packs that include clay soldiers, though both seem abandoned (no updates since mid 2015): Not too Magical and The Craft Modpack
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    Despot HMS Revenant [1.7.10]

    Hi all! Sorry again for the lack of updates. I feel as if I've gone from having all the free time in the world to running around like a lunatic on fire :p But in my spare time I've been hard at work on the pack and I think I've reached a point where I'm ready to share (and most importantly get...
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    Despot HMS Revenant [1.7.10]

    Sorry, just been really busy! Things are going good just haven't had much time to work on the pack. Hopefully find a little time this weekend to post an update!
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    Despot HMS Revenant [1.7.10]

    Hi Guys, Just a quick update. The pack has now been handed over to me and while I'm not much of a pack maker I am a builder so my main focus will be on 'setting the scene' so to speak. I'll be giving the pack a good look over tonight to see how I might help bring to life the backstory Dunge has...
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    Whitelist Server Infinity 1.7 Australian Hosted 27/7 Server

    Hi just looking for a modded server to burn some time on, haven't played with Infinity but it has a few of my favourite mods on it so should be good fun. Keen on this one as it's local, I'm in regional NSW. 29. IGN PaisleyPlayfully.
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    Paisley Plays Agrarian Skies

    Episode 3: Today is all about getting set up for ore processing but we do manage to submit a bunch of quests as well and a rewarded with some really nice items.
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    Paisley Plays Agrarian Skies

    Episode 2: Continuing with Ex-Nihilo we get our cobble generator placed down and also take a little time to complete a few basic quests.
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    Paisley Plays Agrarian Skies

    Agrarian Skies: Hardcore Quest is Jadedcat's latest Skyblock modpack. As the sole survivor of a cataclysm the goal is to rebuild and repopulate the planet while defeating minions of darkness that leak through from the nether realms. The first few episodes of this series are focused on...
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    Show Your Agrarian Skies world

    Thought I'd share my world I started last weekend. I built a mob spawner below the island to try to preserve the looks, you can just see a glimpse of it in the bottom of the picture (the roof doubles as a fishing area/squid tank.) I've also added a basement to the house where I keep my power gen...
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    FTB Launcher - Magic farm

    Yes I too am experiencing the same issue. Hope someone figures it out soon, this is the most balanced mod pack I've seen and I'm dying to try it out!