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    Speed: vanilla tools vs tinkers construct

    The best picks in TiC are just slightly less than the best picks in vanilla. Source
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    Monster: Things that should be disabled by default. Your opinions

    @Hoff & @trajing Doesn't work for me
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    Monster: Things that should be disabled by default. Your opinions

    Ok I'll explain it like you're five. Open your ProjectRed.cfg file. Under the Items section you will find: goldsaw peridotsaw rubysaw sapphiresaw sapphiresaw These are projectRed items. They are dependent on the forge api but they are ProjectRed items. Now open the multipart.cfg file, you will...
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    Monster: Things that should be disabled by default. Your opinions

    Yes I have and it's failed for both project red and forge micro blocks. Went to his forum post to see if anyone else had been able to and he had a post about how he wasn't going to add support for it.
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    Monster: Things that should be disabled by default. Your opinions

    Because they can't be micro blocked so that means any floor/ceiling/wall made out of them can't have any hidden wiring. For me that is a serious draw back. I still keep them and use them when I don't need any wires or pipes around, but in modded mc (a custom pack of 240 mods) those are rare...
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    How long until you get bored on a new world?

    I'm constantly trying to add more mods and fix issues. So I try to play worlds till I break them, usually a month or 2. I'm debating redoing the pack I've got now cause I've got some odd recipe issues and can't smelt lava from anything in the magma crucible or make buckets without IC2. I would...
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    Filling the fueled Jetpack in IC2.0354

    The UI looks like you have to pump the fuel into the canning machine in liquid form and put the jet pack or fuel can in the top left. I've never used the fuel version though.
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    Highlands, ExtraBiomesXL, ATG, Biomes o' Plenty or Vanilla? (Poll Included)

    BoP, must have a base in EVERY biome...
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    FTB Unleashed novice, need help with mining, power generation, and what to do next

    For your portal question remember that every block in the nether is like 8 blocks in the over world. So if you only went 200 blocks away in the over world you only went (200-8) 25 blocks in the nether. When it searches for a portal on either side it searches within I think 128 blocks. So when...
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    Just a moment of your time. (Thaumcraft Research Puzzle)

    In the real world I also don't need semi-limited magical points to continue studying a subject, in thaumcraft you do. It wouldn't be so bad except when you get these notes and run out you look up at the points you lost and remember the last several hours or days you spent gathering them and...
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    Is it me, or do some people not "get" that FTB and its mods are free ?

    I can kind of see where you're coming from, but I've modded a lot of other games that were all free as well and have never seen the kind of Authorship/Rights/Entitlement issues with mods in any other game as I have seen with MC. Could that possibly be why some don't 'get it'.
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    Peoples Favorite Starting Routines on a new server/world

    It's a custom pack (230ish mods so far) in the vanilla launcher, basically took all of Monster, Horizon, Resonant Rise, Magic Farm, and a smattering of singular mods (Mo'Creatures all the UE mods) and mixed them all in the same world. Took almost 2 solid ('solid' as in a couple hours a night 4...
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    Peoples Favorite Starting Routines on a new server/world

    Tinkers Construct, Stone Pick, Mattocks. Find a cliff dig in and make a mining staging room. Get 18 iron, couple stacks of clay, sand and gravel make a smeltery. Tool forge, stone hammer, excavator and lumber axe. Find jungle sapplings, MFR and IC rubber trees. Make Tinkers scyth and attack...
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    Duplicate packs

    I use the vanilla launcher. Setup different profiles for all the different instances you want. Point them to specific folders, and voi la, a launcher you don't have to worry about getting out-moded with the next update. With the modloader functionality now built into forge, you don't even have...
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    Why are The IC2 Addons Used Anymore?

    Lots of people complained they wanted vanilla IC2 back, and associated any changed with Greg. So it seems they took out everything. (and yet they're still complaining...)
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    What exactly is offensive about being told to play in creative mode?

    I missed it too. Couldn't tell if he/she was trying to be snooty or actually posting something they liked. On Topic: My view is this: If you play creative you obviously don't like the main part of the survival game, resource gathering and crafting. Above all else, the main goal in the game is...
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    Will MindCrackers Start Making FTB Videos Again, in the Near Future?

    The way they play, even if they do start another one I don't see it lasting any longer than the previous. Most of them have SSP series running as well as the vanilla SMP series, adding yet another SMP will only dilute the population on either server. This is essentially what happened with the...
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    He may be, but once their launcher is up and running it's pretty much out of his hands. He can pull the FTB brand from it, but the launcher and functionality will still exist.
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    FTB and Forge - Curse Partnership.

    No thanks. If the past is any inclination by the time this sees fruit Mojang will have already released the mod api and repository. The new vanilla launcher, multimc and magiclauncher all allow creation of custom packs better than any of the launchers minus ID conflict issues that should...
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    Is there a way to create your own packs?

    Not quite all. I'm running a custom pack of 200+ and there were about 20 block and 10 item conflicts that I still had to manually fix, on top of biome conflicts. There are also a lot of mods that don't register their stuff in typical fashion and don't get caught in this or the forge IDConflict...