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    The No Topic Thread

    I remember the no topic thread forums o_O
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    How do I make this staircase looks good?

    I started building a room and wanted some big stairs lead down from the entrance. Here's what it currently looks like, but I'm not happy with it, nor do I know what to do to make it look better. Here's the shape of the room itself. Like I said, no clue what to do, any help would be...
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    Problem What PC specs I need?

    Honestly, CPU and GPU aren't as important imo. I'm currently running Horizons 3 (1.12 pack) on an ok laptop. an i3-5005U and integrated Intel 5500 graphics. The only "good" about it is the 16gb of ram it has. Currently runs the pack at 55-60 fps. (Of course, not at the higest settings, but decent)
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    Hermitpack 1.4 - Torcherino

    Yo guys, I've been playing the Hermitpack for a while now. Whilst it's all good and fun, I see everyone on youtube and whatever use the Torcherino to speed up stuff. So I crafted one. I can change the area by simply right clicking it. But I can't make it speed up stuff. As far as I can tell...
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    Hello... again

    Hey everyone, my name is Wekmor, 22 y/o now. Not sure who remembers me on these forums anymore, used to be somewhat active ~2-3 years ago. I'm an avid supporter of modded Minecraft. Startet Minecraft itself back in Beta-1.2, modded ~version 1.2, and played it quite a bit, until I think the 1.5...
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    Now that AE2 has a 1.10 release, do people prefer it or Refined Storage?

    I like how simple AE1 was, when I took a break from modded minecraft, AE2 was a real turn-off. Too grindy, too annoying with channels, etc. I've since taken a break for quite a while, and started playing the hermitpack for 2 or so weeks now. I love how simple Refined Storage is, so I'll always...
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    Just pleeeeease. Don't reply to posts from 2013 ffs ._.
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    modpack: unstable 1.8.9 version: 3.0.16 mod: ThaumCraft + Mod that lets you put stuff from chests etc into inventory by mouse wheel What's the bug: Put a crafting recipy in the arcane workbench. Instead of clicking the crafting result hover over it and mouse wheel up. Let's you 'craft' an...
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    What happened to Modpack changelogs?

    Nice! Thanks ;)
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    What happened to Modpack changelogs?

    Yeah exactly. While I could understand it if they didn't make a changelog for "fixed sime id stuff" (or whatever) it would be nice to just get a rough list of mods or major configs that changed. But then, FTB Infinity Evolved is the most-downloaded modpack. Why doesn't even that pack get changelogs?
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    What happened to Modpack changelogs?

    Yo guys, so it's been quite a while since I've last been playing minecraft. I've tried the unstable modpack for 1.8.9 and must say I like it. But yesterday there was a pack update from 3.0.11 to 3.0.12, which makes me unable to play any world (new or old). So I'm wondering what they changed...
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    Can someone help me

    If you're in Singleplayer you can go to the MC menu, 'Open LAN world' (or something like that, haven't played MC in a long time), then choose to turn cheats on, now you start the LAN world. Then you type in the chat /gamemode 0 and now you're in creative, do /gamemode 1 to get back to survival mode.
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    Besides MC, what have you been playing lately?

    Just playing runescape on the side. Can't download any games right now because my HDD broke and I only got 24 GB of space left on my SSD :b
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    what is your favorite mod :P

    Thaumcraft or Botania, can't decide. I don't like the route TE for example took. I feel like it got just too easy, but meh
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    Crafted Armor - getting started....

    Totally agree with @Chris Becke, and since you've already gotten some IC2 stuff, go for that nano armour, it's really good!
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    Over the top!... For real

    The way to go :_)
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    FTB Horizons: Daybreaker Discussion

    If I actually understand that question correctly, this is answered on the first page already
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    FTB Horizons: Daybreaker Discussion

    Yes BluePower got pipes, pretty much the same as RedPower 2 had. Not sure if I have the latest version in my custom pack, but I can't see the items that go through the pipes, which kinda sucks ;o As for Blood Magic, with the addons it makes sense, but I agree, please include Thaumcraft and...
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    FTB Horizons: Daybreaker Discussion

    Aren't villages spawned randomly? So say if you create the same world using the same seed 10 times, 3 of them could have a village at spawn, while 7 don't? @OP, the modlist seems nice, I'm downloading the pack right now to test it, but is RF Tools really that unknown of a mod? I mean, it's even...
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    a very good tinker's idea

    This aint facebook, people don't like every post just for the like d: