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  1. asiekierka

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Actually, one could argue - with SpaceToad taking over BuildCraft back from CovertJaguar and later events - that it was Buildcraft which broke away from Railcraft, as technically the decision to ditch MJ for 1.7.10 was made on our side and Railcraft was forced to adapt to it as the more or less...
  2. asiekierka

    Forestry multifarm and refined storage

    Yes. The pipe has been relocated to BuildCraftCompat in 1.7.10, and Forestry was planning on adding their own bee sorting/filtering machine that was not dependent on BuildCraft.
  3. asiekierka

    Nintendo Switch

    Only in the US (the video game market was working very well in Europe at the same time, so well in fact that Nintendo's comparatively expensive NES was ignored in favor of microcomputers and, later, the Sega Master System), really.
  4. asiekierka

    Modern Retro Project - Impossibru?

    The only reason Charset was on Curse, for a brief period of time, is because Vazkii wanted his fork there. Also, I am aware Charset is not exactly the most searchable name, don't worry - however, I feel it's a name which, despite its quirkiness, best explains the design decisions I'm making with...
  5. asiekierka

    Modern Retro Project - Impossibru?

    I don't think I'm able to come up with a better one, I'm afraid - possibly because Charset is a lot of things: in its current state it contains types of features associated with tech mods, utility mods and even small tweak mods.
  6. asiekierka

    Modern Retro Project - Impossibru?

    The thing is, you could be extracting a stack every 3 seconds, or an item every tick. Same amount of energy required, but different timing and different uses. I'm glad you liked it! Yes, I get your feeling. This is why I took up BuildCraft, but eventually I realized my design decisions...
  7. asiekierka

    Modern Retro Project - Impossibru?

    Oh, that was me then! Thanks - though I have to admit that, when maintaining BuildCraft, I was standing on the shoulders of giants in a sense... Quite easily? Oh no, I can't agree with that - I tried for a long time, but I could not find a way to do so adequately.
  8. asiekierka

    Modern Retro Project - Impossibru?

    Okay, let's answer that step by step. 1. It doesn't have to be superficial! There are probably many things one can do with a two-dimensional system of the sort, it's just that BuildCraft only had one use for it that worked really well. 2. It is literally built-in with Forge's Forge Units/Forge...
  9. asiekierka

    Modern Retro Project - Impossibru?

    I'll try to give a brief summary of what's been happening in the BuildCraft land in regards to this. The decision to move to RF came from a few things. For one, there was a large amount of issues with the attempted rewrite of MJ in BuildCraft 6; at the same time, BuildCraft was no longer in a...
  10. asiekierka

    Modern Retro Project - Impossibru?

    I am not sure what their plans are in regards to RF compatibility at the moment (however, from what I've seen, official RF compatibility is unlikely). You'd have to ask them - I haven't been involved in the 1.9+ codebase at all, and all I've done in terms of BuildCraft development for the past...
  11. asiekierka

    Modern Retro Project - Impossibru?

    I honestly think, in the case of a modpack, not having a mod is better than having an unstable, unfinished version of said mod. Recently, the team had to contact All The Mods 2 to request removal of BuildCraft from their pack for the time being as the volume of bug reports received from there...
  12. asiekierka

    Modern Retro Project - Impossibru?

    You're incorrect in terms of what the team is supposedly betting on, I'm afraid. If you tried out the current releases of BuildCraft for 1.11.2, you'd quickly find that they're very far from being stable - features such as robots or kinesis pipes (which are especially important due to BuildCraft...
  13. asiekierka

    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    BuildCraft 7.1.21 has just come out, bringing a few good bugfixes to our 1.7.10 users. Also, since it hasn't been mentioned before, a 1.11.2 alpha of BuildCraft, BuildCraft 7.99.0, has been released. It's very rough around the edges, though!
  14. asiekierka

    Skyfactory 3 Crash on Tesla support

    For context, a similar crash with BoP without FoamFix:
  15. asiekierka

    Request FTB Beyond Alpha

    Indeed, BuildCraft is not coming out for 1.10.2, but for 1.11.2 (hopefully).
  16. asiekierka

    Open Charset Backpack cannot be removed, once worn. ctrl-right-click of backpack freezes game.

    Use WearableBackpacks from copygirl instead if you're in single-player - they have similar functionality (as they're based on the same mod, BetterStorage) and are coded far better than mine. (Charset 0.3.1+ removes backpacks anyway)
  17. asiekierka

    Mod Feedback [1.12][1.11.2][1.10.2][1.8.9][1.7.10] Dynamic Surroundings Info/Support

    Or you can update to FoamFix 0.5.1, which fixes the problem. :D
  18. asiekierka

    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    After a long period of silence from BuildCraft, I'm happy to announce the release of BuildCraft 3.4.4 for Minecraft 1.4.7 - with important bugfixes and small performance optimizations.
  19. asiekierka

    Automating Buildcraft with AE2

    Not happening. Modders agree on far less things than you'd think, which is why we have so many mods in the first place. Heh.
  20. asiekierka

    Direwolf20 1.10 Pack Casually Scarfing Down 6 Gigs of Private Bytes On The Home Menu

    Since 0.4.0, both, but it does a lot more to rendering than it does to servers.