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  1. J

    The ^<V Game

    ^ is still young at heart < made the thread but lost their rank V is just generally kind of confused
  2. J

    The ^<V Game

    ^ Posted more than 2 years ago < Logged in just to bump this thread v is somewhat annoyed at the necro
  3. J

    Strange/Useless powers.

    The ability to set up a date for a great valentines day saturday, just to realize that valentines day is on a sunday. I am the idiot with this power. FML.
  4. J

    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    I like it! I like the shapes and structure you've got going on there, although I hope you replace all of that cobble.
  5. J

    Strange/Useless powers.

    The ability to buy humble bundles, but not play any of the games Oh wait.
  6. J

    Clipboard. I copied the link to send myself so that I could paste something I have on my phone :D
  7. J

    The ^<V Game

    ^ Drumkit < Made the threads align to summon Moped. v Has no idea what I'm talking about.
  8. J

    Who would win in a fight?

    Dad. Type B Fire-extinguisher vs electrical fire
  9. J

    King of the Hill

    I had a green mushroom! My hill.
  10. J

    Strange/Useless powers.

    The ability to get banned for necroing a forum game thread.
  11. J

    Strange/Useless powers.

    The ability to love this trhead.
  12. J

    Strange/Useless powers.

    The ability to tune a fish. Get it? Tune a fish? Tuna fish?
  13. J

    Forum Game - What is the avatar above you thinking?

    Boop. Boop. Boop. Boop. Boop. Target acquired.
  14. J

    How can I make the underwater clear (in Tropicraft) ?

    Oh wow, I completely forgot that I wrote that. Huh.
  15. J

    How can I make the underwater clear (in Tropicraft) ?

    If you're looking for light level alteration, you'd need actually need a mod...and it would be kind of pointless IMHO. I don't know, I just like the realism if darkness as you get deeper in water. That being said, have you tried just maxing out your minecraft brightness when you go under?
  16. J

    Just a few questions from an old Tekkit player

    Could have sworn this wouldn't have counted as relevant. But I digress. Also tesseracts are your friends :P
  17. J

    How can I make the underwater clear (in Tropicraft) ?

    Probably there are no mods because clear water is already part of optifine, and a couple of other mods. Hmm. Actually, you know what you could do, you could use a resource pack without the underwater overlay texture. In fact, you may be able to go in there and delete it yourself, seeing as the...
  18. J

    How can I make the underwater clear (in Tropicraft) ?

    I believe that night vision potions (or something else to that effect) may do the trick. It would mean that you'd need to constantly be prepared, but it's not as though you see clearly in water IRL anyway. If immersion is your thing. If not, if you can figure out how to finagle MCPatcher to do...
  19. J

    Request Bring back offline mode.

    I'm fairly sure that offline mode also requires authentication. Maybe. At least, I see something to that effect when I use it in MultiMC.
  20. J

    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    You can build a twilight portal the other way, using the same method. All the materials to do so are in the dimension. If you are dying instantly then you could always cheat and either build yourself another portal or use the command to change your dimension. I can't remember what that is off...