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    Casual Server Whitelisted Ultimate 1.0.1 Server,0 banned item,no lag, finding 2-3 players

    In Game Name: lavastage Had you ever been banned?: once, it was a small server and the admin thought I was griefing when I picked up one torch... Do you have Skype?: yes but I would prefer to not use it... One example of actions that will cause server lags: excessive use of chunk loaders. Extra...
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    Whitelist Server FTB Ultimate l White listed l 10 slots l English Server

    IGN: lavastage Why do you want to join this server?: it looks like a fun server that I want to join. Whats you experience with FTB/Tekkit?: mediocre, I know my way around with some things more than others (I.E. more thaumcraft than IC2 etc. What are you best at (building, mining, machinery...
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    Moderators: They make you lose count(Longest thread still alive!)

    ah, the meaning of life. anyways, 5
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    Whitelist Server The Underground Server [1.6.4 v1.0.11][PvE][Whitelist][Teamspeak]

    IGN:lavastage Age:14 Experience with mods:been playing ftb scince it came out, but i am better with magical mods. Banned y/n:n Why ^: N/A what else would you like to say: i wanna automate something DW20 hasent :) also, i have a little problem with crashing, so i might leave the game and rejoin...
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    -sigh- and thus a great server shuts down...... :(
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    Whitelist Server New Server|Dw20 V5.1.0|White list|24/7

    MC Username: lavastage Age: 14 Any knowledge of the mods in this pack, if yes which ones: i know alot about the mods and i am switching over from the mindcrack modpack, for instance, i know just about everything about thaumcraft 3 Are you mature: yes Have you ever been ban before, if so for...
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    dont forget the pit of hydras D:ok the server went down :(
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    YEPPPPPPP i went to nexsky spawn and HOLY OVERUSED MEME ON AN INTERNET IT WAS LAGGY. and there was a hydra boss health thing at the top of the screen so.... someone messed up.
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    how come when i log on, the server crashes. every time :(.
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    Whitelist Server Zayter's Mindcrack[Whitelist][4 free slots atm][small server][No Gregtech]

    Minecraft Name: lavastage Country: U.S. How long have you been playing: minecraft? from 1.8 beta. FTB? the moment the modpack came out. How often do you think you will play and when GMT (hours a day): i will not be playing very often. my main server is having a ton of technical difficulty, so i...
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    griefing is allowed, but only in the wilderness. people can pay 15 diamonds to get a town, to claim what land they own. you cannot grief in towns. girefing in towns = ban the sad part is that the server is down due to ram usage problems. PS to the admins: DONT RESET THE MAP PLEEEEEEEAAASSSEE.
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    ok. also do you know when the server will go back up?
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    i might donate to the server if you use the cash to upgrade the ram :/
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    server crashed..... again...... its not the nether btw.