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    Request Addition of "Mystical World" in FTB Endeavour

    If you are playing single player. If you have a server, especially with a large player base, not so much.
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    How do I get these people to go away? They were typing when I was on the escape menu and it's kinda freaking me out.

    Pretty sure thats "minetogether" If you accidentally switch to the minetogether chat tab you connect and can see and chat with other people
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    How Will Mods Handle Ore Doubling Going Forward?

    Hope it doesn't get more op than it already is. Mods are continuously fighting to become the most op for the least amount effort. Soon every mod will print stacks like you would be playing creative mode lol. Basically is already but yeh
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    Linux installation methods - Servers

    Sounds like you are just typing the name in bash, thus no command found.. to execute an executable or script you need to chmod +x the file, then do ./filename the dot slash is what makes it execute. I run headless Ubuntu server without any issues (except failed downloads sometimes)
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    Request Addition of "Mystical World" in FTB Endeavour

    I wish there were official threads for the official modpacks :) I too, have some things to request or discuss. Like the still absent tinkers construct. Share ideas and buillds. But yeh
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    2,147,483,647 max rf in draconium energy storage

    Don't take my word for it tho. But i must say it really looks like it, and if it is, unless changeable via config (unlikely) the energy needs to be stored in something bigger.. unsigned int, unsigned longs.. "big ints" or what not. An int is only four bytes big and pretty sure that is the max :P
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Just an annoying thing that triggers my OCD. My endeavor server is listed with a red X to the client, yet you can join and play without any issue. Is there a way to make the client think it's compatible without actually joining? :P
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    FTBEndeavour 1.5.0 - Attempting install in Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - Receive install Error

    If you are upgrading from 1.4.0 to 1.15.0, remove the forge jar and the I had to do it in order for it to upgrade correctly. Probably don't need to remove forge, but it worked for me. (Make sure to backup first)
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    Server Ftb Endeavour

    I have been running v. 1.4.0 on Linux without problems. Just ran the server installer and then used the start bash script. Had some issues upgrading to 1.15 due to failed downloads, but i just retried over and over until it worked. Remember to set permissions if ur on Linux
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    2,147,483,647 max rf in draconium energy storage

    Looks like max value of a signed integer. Don't think there is anything you can do
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    [1.12.2] Smallest Ore Doubling Mod?

    You can install a "bigger" mod like thermal expansion and just promise yourself not to use anything but the pulveriser and smelter :P
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    FTB Revelation 1.7.0 changelog? Can't find any logs or post about this new version.
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    FTB Beyond Release

    Nice! I wish there were more exploring/questing mods. I have some friends that play the infinity lite/dire pack on my server, but they don't like tech as much. They prefeer exploring. Would love to see some mods to please the needs of those who arent so much into tech. Like Twilight, pirate...
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    A good thinker's hammer?

    Ardite is cheap to make :)
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    A good thinker's hammer?

    Cobalt head, ardite toolrod, paper plates Ardite is the one with stonebound, right? So do this, 1. mine until its at 1 durability (makes it sick fast) 2. add flux capasitor 3. Max redstone 4. ??? 5. profit! The hammer will stay at 1 durability and still wont break cause it uses power instead...
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    Johnleys fast and easy Server Setup Guide.

    Oh okay, i see ^^ anyway I had trouble with random crashes of java, so I installed minimum if CentoS7 and got like 50 MB ram usage now :) so Im happy with that. Little bit offtopic, my infinity server crashes on startup at random places each time with fatal error ( , tried multiple...
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    Johnleys fast and easy Server Setup Guide.

    Hey guys, I'm using Ubuntu server 14.04 64 bit and I have about 1 gig used memory according to "free -m" Thats insanely much compared to what u got in your tutorial. I installed using "default or normal" setup when I installed the OS. Any idea? I got 4GB DDR2 installed.