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    Whitelist Server RE-OPENED ~SQUirrellCraft~ 1.6.4 Monster-Modified | 32G RAM |Dedicated|Community Based| 。◕‿‿◕。

    In Game Name: pims1997 Age: 16 Banned Before: No, not a single time Experience with modded MC: A lot I only play Modded MC. Played vanilla a lot. But it got boring and Found FTB. Goals On Server: Being an awesome guy helping people and Building awesome contraptions Unique Skills?: Building...
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    Whitelist Server Stormcraft | Ultimate 1.1.2 | Whitelist | Hard Mode | Fresh Map | Ages 16+

    In-Game Name: pims1997 Age: 16 in 20 days Previous experiences with Minecraft: I have been playing MC since 1.2_02 beta and started playing FTB in 1.2.5 Brief paragraph about yourself (2-3 sentences): I am a person who is a bit shy, I can get annoyed fast and jokes are quite hard to detect for...
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    Whitelist Server Avarrika [Whitelist|Plugins|TS3|15+|Dedicated|8 GB Ram|20 slots|24/7]

    IGN: pims1997 About Yourself: I am a friendly 16 years old teenager. I live in The Netherlands (Timezone: GMT +1) in Europe. I play minecraft and FTB almost everyday. Favorite mod in FTB ultimate: My favorite mods are: Buildcraft, IndustrialCraft2, Thaumcraft, Computercraft, Mystcraft, Gregtech...
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    Open Server Threebuddies | Mindcrack | No Griefing | No PvPing | Open | 24/7 | Now in public Beta!

    Oh... I just found out i lost quite a lot of stuff: I am missing: 1. 22 diamonds 2. 1 and a half stacks of lapis 3. 3 stacks of redstone 4. 5 air shards, 2 water, 3 fire and 4 vis shards (around and about) 5. 24 gold ingots 6. 2.5 stacks of iron 7. half a stack of aluminum (Xy craft) 8. 2 stacks...
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    Whitelist Server UselessCraft | Direwolf20 5.2 | Whitelist | 50 Players | No longer accepting applications

    Age: 16 Ever been banned? Nope what can you offer the server? A player who plays frequently and knowledge of the mods (Thermal Expension/Industrial Craft 2/Buildcraft/ a bit of Thaumcraft 3/ specialty: Bees and Forestry) Skype(yes/no): yes, add me: pims1997 Location(Ky, USA) The Netherlands...
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    Open Server Threebuddies | Mindcrack | No Griefing | No PvPing | Open | 24/7 | Now in public Beta!

    Tried to log on the server this morning to go on with my project. Apparently the server is down/has crashed. Could anyone please look into what happened? ~ Pim
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    Food For Tools|1.4.2|White List|New Server

    IGN: pims1997 Age: 15 Why you want to join: I want to join because this looks like a friendly server which i can spend my minecraft hours on =P Anything else: I can make awesome looking buildings and bases, while doing that legit!
  8. P | Premium FTB Server

    IGN: pims1997 Where you heard about the server: I saw it on this forum. Why you would like to play on the server: I love FTB and tekkit! and I was searching for a good server to play on :) If you have any bans on record: no What can you bring to the community: awesome personality and beautiful...
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    AppleCraft - FTB |FTB Beta-A 1.4.2|Whitelist or |No PvP - Creeper Explosions Off

    IGN - pims1997 Age - 15 FTB Experience - Pretty Experienced (played tekkit and technic over a year, played minecraft since Beta 1.2_02) Have you ever been banned? - :D Nope Why Were you banned? - I have not been banned :p Why Do you want to be part of AppleCraft? - I can make awesome builds :p...