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    Whitelist Server M's FTB V2.0 [FTB ULTIMATE] [Hard] [Whitelisted] [18+]

    Application: IGN: Ninta Age (18+): 23 Location: The Netherlands Do you agree to the rules? yes i do. Experience with mods (Do you have a favorite mod?) : quite a bit. been playing a lot even before FTB came out. during those times it was mainly BC2, IC2 and redpower2. been playing nothing but...
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    Open Server Elite Beast.[needs players][builders][experiencedmoderators]

    you might want to not list a 192.168. IP. thats your local IP and only accesable by people in your own network wich generaly means only by people inside your house or apartment building.
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    BashCake's MineCrack Server! [No-whitelist!] [Dedicated 24/7] [NoLag 125 Slots] [Community]

    is something wrong with the server? it appears to be offline :(
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    [1.4.6] Steve's MindCrack Server [MindCrack][2GB RAM][20 Slots][Public]

    you are aware that a drivers license is not a guarantee for 18+ right? there are countries where you can get one at 16. just saying. also not all 18+ people have a drivers license. I'm 23 and i don't have one. also saying the map-size will be limited in the future is understandable but how big...
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    Server/Client Not the same

    you can download the server version through the launcher but atm dont bother. it crashes on startup (fresh install) with
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    Server/Client Not the same

    releasing different versions for server and client is a little bit more then a small oversight if you ask me >.>
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    Mystcraft Problems. Error with Ender storage when i shift click things into it.

    im not a minecraft modder but that pastebin error looks like a recursive function without a break point. it looks like a baseclass too wich makes me think theres either a problem with forge or the installation of forge has somehow gone wrong. might be an idea to backup your worlds and...
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    Suggestion for Rei's Minimap...

    is Rei included in that tho? i think rei is japaneese and altho he speaks a bit of english its not extremely good. i could be wrong.
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    mystcraft age generation - question

    i think that the loading at startup was fixed some time ago. if you dont need certain ages anymore and theres no way to go there either you can delete thier folders.
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    oil in void worlds

    is there a way to prevent oil from generating in mystcraft void worlds? i made a really neat looking white void world (hyperbolic timechamber anyone?) but theres 1 oil well in the distance ruining the view :(