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    Invisible items

    Title Invisible items Launcher Type Modpack Beyond Modpack version 1.0.1 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Not a crash Details of the issue All Thermal Expansion ores, ingots and manufactured materials are invisible. Ores show up as black, ingots, dusts and...
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    [Reika's] [DragonAPI] Close update checker on OS X?

    I understand your frustration, and I've given up pursuing that method. Building my own pack, with modern versions. Again, thank you for your work.
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    [Reika's] [DragonAPI] Close update checker on OS X?

    Command on both sides doesn't work. Tried option, control, command, shift, function..... combinations thereof, still not working. :( Thank you for trying, though.
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    [Reika's] [DragonAPI] Close update checker on OS X?

    Please let me preface this post by saying that I admire Reika's mods greatly and truly appreciate the work he does for the community. But... I am looking around for a specific kind of kitchen-sink pack for my kids and myself, and the pack I've found is several Reika versions old. We play on...
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    Reika's Update Checker

    I am so very sorry to poke the hive on this, but I'd like to know how to close the popup on OS X. Pressing the CNTL key does absolutely nothing on my system - it does not isolate the mouse cursor. How can I close the nag? Thank you so much for your modding work.
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    New Mod Packs ***Released***

    People would feel a lot more welcomed by this community if folks like you didn't post swill like this.
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    Problem RedPower Startup Crash

    and us as well.